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Registering for the HFS Backup Service

1. Registering for the backup service

Before you can use the HFS backup service you must first register your desktop/laptop/server with the service. You will also need to meet the following criteria:

  • Be an Oxford University staff member or postgraduate with an Oxford (Single Sign-On) username and password.
  • Have a desktop/laptop/server with an operating system that is supported by our backup software.
  • Have read and understood the acceptable use guidelines.

2. Registration process

The process of registering a computer for backup is very straightforward: please follow the steps below to complete the registration.

  1. Go to the IT Services Self-Registration Page. The link will open in a separate window to allow you to follow the instructions.

    In the page you have just opened you will see a screen similar to the one below:

    General Registration Screen

  2. Click on the link labelled Register a computer for TSM backup. This will take you to a TSM Client Registration screen that will offer you different types of account to choose from. All users have the option of Personal desktop/laptop. Additionally, IT Support Staff will see four more options, for registering DNS-registered desktops and servers. If you are unsure which you need, please see our FAQ item which type of account should I register for?. A full list looks like the screen below:

    TSM Client Registration Screen - account type p

  3. Make your choice and click Proceed. Next you need to specify your TSM nodename (account name). If you are registering a personal desktop or laptop, the screen will look like this (for the additional IT Support staff options the screen will be similar but with some small differences):

    TSM Client Registration Screen - account name

  4. Now ensure that the following sections are completed correctly:
    1. Name of computer - For personal desktops/laptops this is made up of three elements:
      1. Username - this is taken from the account you are logged in with and cannot be changed.
      2. A reference name for the desktop/laptop you are registering - you should choose a name that refers to the desktop/laptop that you wish to register. It must be a lower-case alphanumeric text string (max. 24 characters), e.g. "mylaptop", "abcdef01234".
      3. The name of your unit (department or college) - this is selected by choosing the most appropriate selection from the drop-down list.
    2. Contact address - ensure that this is correct, as it will be used to confirm registration and to notify you of backup failures.
    3. Operating system - select the item from the list which applies to the computer being registered.
    4. Scheduled backups required? - usually this should be left as the default value of "yes". This ensures that your computer will be regularly backed up without your intervention. All you need to do is make sure it is left turned on when the scheduled backups run. However there are circumstances in which you would want to turn off scheduled backups. For example, if you are away from the university network you will only be able to backup up when you have made a VPN connection and so scheduled backups will not work, so you would have to back up manually whilst connected over the VPN. If you wish, you can change your mind later about whether to have a schedule or not; for how to do this, see our page on adding and removing backup schedules. If you turn off scheduled backups you will have to run backups manually.
  5. An example of a completed registration screen can be seen below:

    Completed TSM Registration Screen

    When the details have been entered and confirmed as correct then please click on the Proceed button.

  6. You will then be asked to enter and confirm a password - this password is used in the configuration of the backup software and also to protect your backups.

    TSM Client Password Screen

  7. You will have a summary of details presented to you; confirm all is correct and then click Submit. If some details prove to be incorrect, please click Cancel and start the registration process again.

    Confirm TSM Backup Registration Screen

  8. If you have clicked on Submit, you will now see a screen confirming your registration and will soon receive an email from the HFS Team confirming your node registration.

    Please notethat the email you receive from the HFS Team will contain details of your automated backup schedule and other useful information.

  9. What now?- Now that you have successfully registered a node with the backup service, please proceed to the instructions on download backup client software and then onto installing the backup software onto your machine.

3. Registration - Frequently Asked Questions

Registration FAQs (See all FAQs)

Written by IT Services. Latest revision 14 May 2018