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Using Calendars with Nexus365

Nexus365 gives you online calendars along with your email. This lets you create and manage appointments and schedule meetings with other people

Which calendar features you have available depends on how you are using Nexus: online using a browser or via a program such as Outlook on your computer.

Sharing calendars

Other Nexus users can use your free/busy information to schedule meetings with you. You can give other people access to your calendar so they can view your schedule.

Sharing Outlook calendars on Windows

Sharing Outlook calendars on Macs

Follow the Microsoft advice: Share your calendar in Outlook for Mac
To share calendars on Outlook for Mac you will need to ensure you are using a supported version of Outlook for Mac.

Sharing calendars using alternative clients

Calendaring is an integral feature of Nexus365 but if you want to use it in clients other than Microsoft Outlook, then you will need to set it up yourself. This may mean you have limited functionality.

Delegating access

You can choose to delegate management of your calendar and inbox to other Nexus users. For example, you may want your assistant to schedule your meetings, or a colleague to send emails from an account you manage when you are on holiday.

Further information

Calendar FAQs

Calendar (Microsoft guidance)

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