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List Owner Facilities

A normal list owner has similar permissions to the role of list manager in other systems.


When you log in, you will see the options available to you. However, where there are no editable fields it means you don’t have permission to make changes. These will need to be done by the privileged owner instead.

Under the list config tab you have the following options.

List definition
Although you can view various options here, such as subject, visibility or owner, you can’t edit any of these.
Sending/Receiving setup.
Most of the options are not available, with these exceptions:
Digest frequency
This allows you to adjust the timescale for sending list digests to the subscribers who choose this option.
Digest maximum number of messages
You can edit the number of messages to include in a digest. Default is 25. Enter the new limit and then click on Update at the bottom of the screen.
Subscription profile
You can edit the reception mode for the list from the drop down options, You can also choose whether the list is visible or not via a drop down menu.

All other fields are available only to the privileged owner.

Again you can view information about how the list is configured, but you are not able to make any changes. These need to be done by the privileged owner.
Information about how the archives are set up can be viewed, but not edited.
Only the privileged owner can edit this setting.
Normal owners can add and remove email addresses in the blacklist. Click save at the bottom when done. Message sent to the list from blacklisted addresses will be rejected by the list.


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Written by IT Services. Latest revision 5 September 2014