Student clubs and societies

IT Services will provide IT facilities to any student club, society or publication registered with the Proctors or any sports club registered with the Sports Federation. It is not usually possible to provide accounts for any other type of club. The University does not offer "club" accounts for Sport or Society sections within the University Club.

A student society or publication must be eligible for registration with the Proctors. If not, IT Services cannot provide it with an account.

A sports club must be eligible for registration with the Sports Federation. If not, IT Services cannot provide it with an account.

The electronic records held by the Sports Federation and the University Card system allow those Sports Clubs which are registered with the Proctors to register for IT Services computer accounts without the need for additional paperwork.  A shared account will require a multi-factor authentication method to be set-up. There are four primary methods: Text message to a personal device, phone call to a primary device, phone call to an alternative phone (e.g. landline or office) or using the Microsoft Authenticator App. There is guidance on the Project webpage on how to set-up these methods

Misuse of facilities can be a Proctorial Offence. The Guidelines are intended to assist Societies to set up their accounts so as to minimise the risk of misuse. There are Primary Guidelines (essential) and Secondary Guidelines (advisable).

Renewals: important information

You must contact the IT Service Desk each year to renew any IT Services Society/Club/Publication Account. Simply renewing your registration with the Clubs Committee is not enough as we are not part of that process. IT Services must have explicit confirmation from the IT Officer of the Society/Club/Publication that you wish to continue using IT Services facilities.



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  1. Each Society/Club is entitled to one Single Sign-On account and to create the associated central email account, mailing list and if needed, a web page, for purposes relating to the society's recognised activities. The society will be allocated a meaningful username, taking into account the society's preference where possible. Usernames must be between three and eight letters or digits, starting with a letter. If only a University mailing list is required, a Single Sign-On account must be registered for the Society and this account will be the owner of the mailing list.
  2. The Society web site address is based on the username. For example, the Gilbert and Sullivan Society has username gands and website
  3. Email addresses for Societies have the format
  1. Societies must register with the Proctors before IT Services can provide computing facilities. Any Society wishing to use IT Services facilities must include on its Committee, an IT Officer who will have general responsibility for the Society's use of these facilities, and a Webmaster who will have primary responsibility for the maintenance of any web site. These officers can be the same person if appropriate for any particular Society.
  2. The Society's Secretary must submit the form Particulars of a University Club, Society or other organisation having student members (the Proctors' Form) to the Proctors' Office (new registrations) or the Clubs Committee (re-registrations) and will be sent back a stamped copy of the approved version of the form.You will find the forms and all the details of registering a student club or society on the University's Student Clubs and Societies web pages.

All Sports Clubs are required to register their Officials and Committee members by 5th week of Trinity Term each year. The Sports Federation will supply a copy of this information to IT Services as soon as is reasonably practicable after that date. The information will include the official title of each club, scheduled date of committee changeover, and full name and (where applicable) college for each officer and committee member. Any changes during the year, particularly the closure of any club or the removal of any officials, should be notified promptly to the Sports Federation.

Once the Secretary has received the stamped copy of the Proctors' Form, or the sport club has registered with the Federation, the IT Officer should contact the IT Service Desk. Contact with IT Services must be from the IT Officer, who is the person with primary responsibility for the conduct of the account.

  • The email subject should specify "New society account".
  • The message should state that you are requesting a new student society account.
  • Please give the full name of your Society as shown on the Proctors' Form and indicate your preferred account name (between 3 and 8 letters and digits, starting with a letter).
  • You will need a password for the new account
  • The email subject should specify "Society account" and include the account name.
  • The message should state that you are requesting renewal of a student society account.
  • Give your Society's full name and state that you wish to continue using the IT Services account.
  • If you know the password and access is only required for the IT Officer and webmaster, no further action is needed. Registration of any previous additional officers will be cancelled. IT Services will renew your account and confirm this in reply to your email. Please note that only ONE person can be listed for each of these roles.
  • If any officers or committee members in addition to the IT Officer and Webmaster are to be registered to log in to the account, please give name, college and if possible barcode number for each. Their names must appear on the Proctors' Form.
  • People who only need access to the mailing list, for example as moderators, do not need to be registered in this way.
  • If you need a new password when renewing your account, please say so in your email.
  • If you ask for a password and give no special instructions, we will send it to the IT Officer by University Messenger.

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