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CUD UI Affiliations Manager

Affiliations Manager

The CUD User Interface is at

Click on Affiliation Manager and log in with your single-sign-on username and password.


Affiliations Manager is intended to enable units of the University to assert an affiliation with a unit. These affiliations supplement those asserted by central data systems such as University card and HR. Affiliations suitable for adding to CUD in this way must be:

  • Of interest to more than one unit within the University
  • Actively managed by the Unit which asserts the affiliation (unmanaged affiliations will expire automatically)
  • Suitable to be available as part of the CUD attribute set to all authorised users of CUD

The benefits of using Affiliations Manager include:

  • The affiliations asserted can be used as criteria in searches of CUD
  • Affiliations are added to person records in CUD, as these records are constantly updated management of the life cycle of an affiliation is made easier
  • Affiliations can be shared between multiple units


Screenshot of CUD UI

Affiliations Manager displays Affiliation lists which have been asserted over which you have administration rights (the creator of an Affiliation list automatically has administration rights over it). No such lists are shown in the example below. A button is provided to enable a new Affiliation list to be created.


Screenshot of CUD UI

Affiliations in CUD take the form <status>@<unit> both parts of this must be selected from the drop-down lists provided. Additional statuses can be requested (a process for this is being developed at the moment). Units are defined by PRAC, and only those over which you have administrative rights are available for you to choose from.


Screenshot of CUD UI

Once the Affiliations list has been created it appears on the Affiliations Manager front page and can be managed.


Screenshot of CUD UI

A blank affiliations manager contains the following sections:


  • Upload a file for matching (using a similar process to that used for Simple Matching)
  • Download a file containing exact matches that have been made
  • Upload a file containing exact matches, including a CUD ID for each record. This file can be obtained from Simple Matching, or using the matching functionality provided by Affiliations Manager

Confirmed Members

  • People who are asserted to have the affiliation and on whose CUD records the affiliation is included
  • A button to use in order search for individual people and add them to the affiliation list

Matched records requiring checking

  • The results of a matching upload once processed by CUD, these should be checked and manipulated such that each record uploaded is matched to a single record in CUD

Un-matched records requiring checking

  • Records contained a matching upload which could not be matched against CUD. You are encouraged to check carefully whether these people exist but have not been found for any reason
  • If you are sure that a person does not currently exist in CUD (e.g. people external to the University), but you wish to assert an affiliation for the person, you may add them to CUD as a special case


Screenshot of CUD UI


Here a file is uploaded for matching. Please note that each time a file is uploaded for matching all records which have previously been uploaded for matching are deleted before the upload is processed. Confirmed members of this affiliation are not affected.


Screenshot of CUD UI


The column headings must be left as they are in the sample. Add as much data as you are able. Please note that the fields that can be provided are limited.



Screenshot of CUD UI


We are asked to wait while the file is processed


Screenshot of CUD UI


NOTE: When matching in the Affiliations Manager CUD infers an affiliation of the unit for which the affiliation list is being created, so results may differ slightly from Simple Matching.


Screenshot of CUD UI


The matches can be inspected and manipulated as necessary. See the Simple Matching Documentation for details on how to do this.

Here we have removed one of the matches, as a match had already been made for that object. We then download a file of exact matches, so ignoring the record with multiple matches. This example this consists of a single record, complete with the CudID.


Screenshot of CUD UI


That file can then be uploaded to confirm membership of the affiliation list. At this point the affiliation is added to person documents in the CUD data store and so can be used in search terms and retrieved by authorised CUD users. The lists of matched records awaiting checking and unmatched records are cleared at this point. New lists may then be uploaded for matching.


Screenshot of CUD UI


If you are absolutely sure that the an un-matched person does not exist in CUD or in any of the primary data sources that supply data to CUD, you may add the person as a special case. The affiliations list, it's owner and administrators will be recorded as the source of data for this person.


Screenshot of CUD UI


Screenshot of CUD UI

Written by IT Services. Latest revision 14 December 2015