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Nexus365: Configuring email setup on Android Mobile Device

If your University Nexus email account is already set up on your device  DELETE the old account before configuring your Nexus365 account.

These are generic instructions, so your customised version of Android might be slightly different.  Microsoft instructions for Android set up can be found here: Set up Office apps and email on Android

To set up an Android device to check your Nexus365 email account, follow these steps:

  1. Open Settings, scroll down to Applications and choose Email. This application may be named Mail on some versions of Android. You may be prompted by a wizard or you may need to tap Manage accounts and the plus (+) sign to add a new email account.
  2. Type your full email address or username. This will vary depending on your version of Android.
  3. Type your password and then select Next.
  4. Select Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync.
  5. Authentication will likely fail.  If it does continue with stage 6.
  6. Enter the following account information and select Next
    • Domain\Username: Enter your Single Sign On (SSO) for username, in the format abcd1234@OX.AC.UK (note the capitalisation).
    • If Domain and Username are separate text boxes in your version of Android, leave the Domain box empty and type your sso@OX.AC.UK (remember the caps!) e.g. abcd1234@OX.AC.UK in the Username box.
    • Password: Use the password that you use to access your account that you received in your registration email (or the password you use with your SSO sign on).
    • Exchange Server: Enter
  7. Choose SSL if prompted about a secure connection.
  8. Select Next and you will be able to specify your syncing options.

Your email account is now ready to use.


Written by IT Services. Latest revision 17 August 2018