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Nexus365: Teams and Groups

Note: The Teams and Groups functionalities offered by Microsoft are very similar, in fact when your new Team is created a Group is automatically created too. The Group functionality includes an Outlook mailbox (email and calendar) for the group.  Planner also works within Teams. 

What are Nexus365 Teams, Groups and Planner?

They are a digital hub that brings conversations, content, and apps together in one place. You can create collaborative classrooms, connect in professional learning communities, and communicate with both staff and students all from a single environment in Nexus365. Teams is integrated with all the familiar Office applications.

Groups and teams allow you to choose a set of people that you wish to collaborate with and easily setup a collection of resources for those people to share.  These include resources such as shared Outlook inbox, shared calendar as well as a document library for collaborating on files.

When you add members to Teams/Groups they are automatically assigned permissions for all the tools and resources in that group i.e. all members have access to all files in the shared storage.


Planner is a method of organising teamwork. Nexus365 Planner provides a hub for team members to create plans, organise and assign tasks to different users and to check updates on progress through dashboards. It also provides a centralised place where files can be shared and gives visibility to the whole team.

Why use Nexus365 Teams?

Teams encourages real-time collaboration, enables you to schedule small group or team meetings, lets you post an email in a thread to keep everyone in the loop, allows you to search for public teams to collaborate on shared projects, and enables you to see past content and chat history anytime. This means people can communicate with external people who have access to teams.

  • Collaborate in real time with groups of people, share files and collaborating on shared deliverables
  • Manage projects, tasks, and content using the applications that you use every day — all available in a single workspace
  • Keep up-to-date with real-time information and news, shared in persistent team conversations, team meetings, and other channels
  • From assigning, through to submission and marking, assessment can be completed directly from within Teams
  • Support seamless collaboration with integrated apps from Nexus365 like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote Class Notebook, and Skype for Business.

Getting started with Nexus365 Teams

To request creation of a team/group you should contact your local ITSS. Before doing this you should:

  • Read the Code of Conduct
  • Decide on the Nexus365 team name you require
  • Agree who will be the owners of the team (2 are required)
  • Decide on the type of team that is required:

Class - for collaboration between Academics and students on assignments, projects etc.

PLC - for collaboration between Academics

Staff - for collaboration within divisions, departments, Colleges etc.

Anyone - for students and anyone collaborating in interest groups and clubs. Note: This is the default team unless other options are selected in the request.

NOTE: Only UAS staff and IT support staff can submit the request by searching for and completing the appropriate request in HEAT self-service  (search ‘Nexus365’).

The specified Team owners will be notified once your team/group has been created. You are then able to add some team members and get started.

Hints and Tips for Nexus365 Teams

For easy access you can download the Teams App. Note: It is advised you check with your local ITSS to confirm you are able to download and install the application onto your desktop.

See also Microsoft's tips & tricks

Important: Please refer to the code of conduct page for guidance on using this functionality in a safe and secure way.



Written by IT Services. Latest revision 5 December 2018