Teams and Groups: Security guidelines

Your responsibilities

If you are a Nexus365 team owner, you are responsible for:

  • Adding members to your Team
  • Removing members from your Team when required, for example if they change role and no longer need to access the data in the Team/Group
  • Setting and managing access permissions. You can share files and folders with other people both within and outside of the University.  You are responsible for managing the permissions for your documents
  • Making the rules for how each Team or Group operates


Please remember that public sharing means that anyone within the University can see your Team’s conversations and files.

Make your Team private if you only want your invited team members to see the information within the Team/Group.  Though while your conversations and files are private, the existence of the Group and the individual members within it are visible to everyone in the University.

Teams are created as private by default.  It is the team owner’s responsibility to make them public.

Legal requirements

To comply with legal requirements, personal data should be shared only with those who have a strict need to know.  Please refer to the University’s data protection guidance for further information.

If you are a researcher, bear in mind your funding body requirements regarding data storage.  This may mean that Teams is not suitable for you.  Contact Research Services or your PI if you need guidance.

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