Welcome to the Resource Downloads page. In this section you will find all the necessary documents that are associated with Replay Lecture Capture. All these documents can be found within the pages of the Replay help site. Please check out the Frequently Asked Questions section, the Accessibility and Equipment pages to find out more about the surrounding information on these topics.

Replay Lecture Capture Service Information for Departments
Comprehensive information on what the service offers and how to use it (incorporating Education Committee policy).
Lecture Capture at the University: Prospects for Learning and Teaching
A report on the educational aspects of lecture capture, including evaluation data collected from students and staff during the pilot projects (single sign-on required).
Legal Documents
Policy and legal agreements for presenters and participants (if students may appear in a recording in a small-group setting). Includes an A4 notice to display in a venue where lectures are being recorded, and an End User Licence Agreement stating permitted use.
AV & IT Guidance for Lecture Venues [Version 03]
Implications for equipping venues, and the functionality needed to record presentations at optimum efficiency.
Recommended Equipment List
Outlines recommended AV equipment for use with Replay.
Tips for Audio and Video recording - Short Version 
Tips for the presenter to look at before making a recording. This can be printed out and left on the lectern.
Tips for Audio and Video recording - Long Version
Tips for the presenter to look at before making a recording. This can be studied in advance of giving a presentation.
Checklist for recording setup
Steps to ensure that the computer is set up correctly and ready to record.
Disability Guidance
Lecture Capture: Relevance for disability-related provision.
Replay Branding
Replay branding toolkit download.


Panopto Recorder Software (last updated 12th Oct 2017) - version 5.5.0 (.38565)

Please note: Versions of the Panopto recorder software earlier than 5.4.0 will cease to function after July 21st 2017, and must be upgraded.

Windows 7/8/10 Manual Recorder (32-bit)
Windows 7/8/10 Manual Recorder (64-bit)
Mac Manual Recorder (macOS/OS X 10.9+)

The legacy 4.9.1 version of Panopto recorder for OS X 10.8 is no longer supported. Existing installations of the Panopto 4.9.1 recorder will cease to function after July 21st 2017.

When installing the recorder you may be asked to enter a server address. Use

For the latest version of the Panopto Remote Recorder (for teaching spaces and lecture theatres) and instructions on how to install and configure, please contact

Service area: 

Written by IT Services. Latest revision 12 October 2017