Lecture Capture (Replay) downloads and resources

On this page, you will find a selection of key resources, with links to the latest versions of the Panopto recorder software, as well as all key documents associated with Replay Lecture Capture including policy and legal pack documents.

Panopto is accessible via the web for first-time Users. We recommend all staff users to follow our installation guides available on the manual recorder page before installing the software.


NB. Replay policy and legal documents (updated October 2021) can be viewed and downloaded below, but you can also browse related policy questions and answers on our lecture capture FAQs page

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University of Oxford Replay Lecture capture policy guide

This service guide includes comprehensive information on what the lecture capture service covers and how to use it (incorporating Education Committee policy). 

Policy and legal agreement pack for presenters and participants

Includes standard speaker release form, student release form (if students may appear in a recording in a small-group setting), an A4 notice to display in a venue where lectures are being recorded, and an End User Licence Agreement stating permitted use.

Lecture Capture Disability Guidance: Relevance for disability-related provision

A 2017 report on the educational aspects of lecture capture, including evaluation data collected from students and staff during the pilot projects (single sign-on required).

Packages updated 6th October 2021

Release notes and information about Panopto cloud service updates can be found at https://community.panopto.com/categories/release-notes

Manual Recorder

For academic users new to Panopto, we recommend reading our Manual Recorder guidance before downloading the software by the method outlined in the install guides on that page, which will ensure you have configured it correctly. The following links are more useful for IT staff needing the direct software package:

For older operating systems, or for Linux, consider using the browser-based Panopto Capture recorder.

Remote Recorder (for teaching spaces and lecture theatres)

To install the remote recorder on a lecture room PC for scheduled automatic recordings we recommend you first read and follow the guidance on our Remote Recorder page. The install packages for the remote recorder are here:

Legacy software (no longer supported):

When installing the manual or remote recorder you may be asked to enter a server address. Use ox.cloud.panopto.eu

The remote recorder requires a description. Please use something that allows the central lecture capture team to identify the location of the recorder, ideally in the format Dept/Building - Room - PC

e.g. Exam Schools - Room 2 - Presentation laptop
or English Faculty/St Cross Building - LT2 - AV booth PC

The remote recorder also requires a registration key. The generic key for the 2021/22 academic year is afe20ed00a897eca4c56e8cd97005555

If you are installing a new instance of a remote recorder, always contact replay@it.ox.ac.uk after installation with a list of staff who require access to manage the recorder or schedue recordings. If updating an existing remote recorder, the central lecture capture team need not be notified.

A selection of recommended 3rd party software tools:

Screen Mirroring Solutions:

Recommended screen mirroring solutions that allow users to mirror their iOS / Android device onto their computer and record in Panopto.

LetsView - a free solution that mirrors all mobile devices onto Windows and Mac.

AirServer - available on an educational license for less than £10 and a free 30-day trial. Mirrors all mobile devices onto Windows and Mac plus a few others.

Axis Cameras

Allows the use of Axis IP cameras with Panopto. Windows 7 and up. For use with the Panopto 32-bit manual and remote recorders.

Allows the use of Axis IP cameras with Panopto. Windows 7 and up. For use with the Panopto 64-bit manual and remote recorders.

Panasonic cameras

Allows the use of Panasonic IP cameras with Panopto. Windows 7 and up. For use with the Panopto 32-bit and 64-bit manual and remote recorders.


A free, easy-to-use, multi-track audio editor and recorder for Windows, macOS, GNU/Linux. 

VLC Media Player

VLC is a free, cross-platform multimedia player that plays most multimedia files as well as DVDs, Audio CDs, and various streaming protocols.

AV equipment and software quides specifically written for Remote Teaching scenarios in 2020:

Tips for the presenter to look at before making a recording. The short guide can be printed out and left on the lectern and the longer guide can be studied in advance of giving a presentation:

Checklist handout for leaving next to a room PC - includes steps to ensure that the computer is set up correctly and ready to record:

A complete guide produced by Panopto.com to implementing lecture capture anywhere in a University:

Oxford University Student Union briefing notes download:

Panopto is not available on Linux, please visit our Manual Recorder page guidance on Linux recording alternatives:

Get support

Local IT and administration staff provide your first line of Lecture Capture support



For more complex queries, contact the central Replay Lecture Capture team