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Managed Staff Desktop (CONNECT)

Managed Staff Desktops (also known as the “CONNECT desktop”) are one of our most popular managed desktop solutions. You can choose how much responsibility you want to take for the security and performance of your computer, and we take care of the rest:

Fully Managed: We'll look after everything so you can just login and starting working on a secure, reliable and supported system
Assisted: You have administrative access and are ultimately responsible for security and performance, but we'll look after as much or as little as you like
Hardware Only: We'll provide you with the equipment, handle any repairs needed, and provide responsible disposal when you don't need it anymore
Bring Your Own Device: Your own device, fully managed by you, can still connect to many of our facilities

Packages Available

  Fully Managed Assisted Hardware Only BYOD
Equipment purchasing and advice Included Included Included Excluded
Warranty Repairs* Included Included Included Excluded
Responsible disposal** Included Included Included Excluded
Wifi connection Included Included Included Included
Network file store Included Included Included Included
Printing Included Included Included Excluded
Managed applications+ Included Mixed Excluded Excluded
End-to-end support Included Mixed Excluded Excluded
Security patching Included Mixed Excluded Excluded
Antivirus/malware protection Included Mixed Excluded Excluded
Data backup Included Mixed Excluded Excluded
Password reset/recovery (online) Included Mixed Excluded Excluded
Encryption Included Mixed Excluded Excluded
Hot desking++ Included Mixed Excluded Excluded
Laptop access from any wifi Included Mixed Excluded Excluded
Remote access^ Included Included Included Included

* Extends to repair or replacement for out-of-warranty equipment where this was originally purchased by IT Committee

** Environmentally responsible disposal includes certified secure data destruction, reconditioning and reuse of serviceable parts and WEEE compliant disposal of any residual components

+ We support installation, configuration and ongoing security update of around 400 applications, which either come pre-installed, are available for self-installation, or can be installed on request.

++ Registered CONNECT users can login to meeting room and hot desk workstations without additional registration

^ Access to the Remote Desktop Service is available, subject to a per user annual charge

Hardware Options

For the Fully Managed, Assisted and Hardware Only packages we can supply from a range of desktops, laptops, tablet/2-in-1/hybrids, all-in-ones and monitors with enhanced warranty and servicing options from the University's preferred supplier. The range of equipment available changes approximately every 6 months so that we can introduce new models and remove older ones that are no longer available.

Written by IT Services. Latest revision 1 April 2020