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What are the benefits to me?

  • You will be able to log in at any managed workstation at any building which is on the CONNECT service. You can then access your home directory and your group files using any of the common University applications such as MS Word
  • Your desktop will remain the same when you login from any managed workstation
  • It will be much easier to access files on another CONNECT department's group store, as long as they have given you permission.
  • IT Services Support staff will have more time to spend on other areas of support to users
  • Should you forget your CONNECT login password, you will have the ability to reset it yourself online after interactively answering certain security questions. This means that you will not have to call the IT Service Desk to reset it for you
  • You will be able to install common software without requesting it from the Service Desk.
  • Each Windows PC that is managed by CONNECT will have a default printer associated with it, generally the nearest available printer. This means that when you use a workstation that you have not logged onto before, a nearby printer is available to you right away.

Written by IT Services. Latest revision 21 December 2018