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Lynda - free online video courses is now LinkedIn Learning and part of Molly has become LinkedIn Learning which is part of IT Learning Centre's Molly collection of online learning resources.

LinkedIn Learning has the same great content as, with a much improved interface. For more details of the move, see the FAQs below.

To get access to Molly and LinkedIn Learning, follow this link.


Our Move to LinkedIn Learning - FAQs is now part of LinkedIn. LinkedIn have their own learning platform called LinkedIn Learning, and it will contain all of the content (and much more). Here are answers to some of the questions that have already been raised:

When will this happen? The move will happen in early August. We will let you know the exact date, nearer the time.
Why are we moving to LinkedIn Learning? is now owned by LinkedIn. LinkedIn has its own learning platform - LinkedIn Learning - and their strategy is to combine the two. will not be available to the University after November 2019, and so we need to move to LinkedIn Learning.
Do I need to do anything? No, the move will happen automatically. When you first access the new platform, you will go through a simple registration process, similar to that for
Will I need a LinkedIn account? No. You will still access the online courses through your Single Sign On (SSO) credentials
Will I be able to use my LinkedIn account to access the University's LinkedIn Learning platform? No. You will need to access the online courses through your Single Sign On (SSO) credentials. There will be no link between any LinkedIn account you have and your University access to LinkedIn Learning.
Will my details and activities be shared with LinkedIn No. The University is using the LinkedIn Learning platform in its 'blocked' mode. This means there is no sharing of your data with LinkedIn profiles. We strongly recommend that you do not provide additional personal details in your LinkedIn Learning profile.
Will you give me more details

Yes. Nearer the time we will let you know the date of the move and where you can go to get access to the new platform. There will be a period when you will be unable to access either or LinkedIn Learning while the transition is carried out. This is likely to be just a few hours.

Note: LinkedIn Learning may send emails about the impending move to any email address you have provided in the platform. You can ignore those emails - we will send information about the move to your University email account.

What about my playlists? If you have created any playlists in, LinkedIn tell us that these should transfer across to LinkedIn Learning, but only be available until the end of November 2019, when the platform is decommissioned. You should recreate your playlists within LinkedIn Learning.
Will I still have mobile access to the courses? Yes, although if you use an app for this, you may need to download a revised version. We will give more details when we have them.
Who is Molly? The IT Learning Centre will bring together its two online learning platforms, LinkedIn Learning and the IT Learning Portfolio, under one name - Molly. You will hear much more about Molly in the coming weeks.

If you have any further questions, please contact us.

Written by IT Services. Latest revision 1 August 2019