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The HFS is currently functioning as usual, albeit with reduced staffing during the current lockdown due to the coronavirus outbreak. For further information on backing up to the HFS during this time please see our page Working from home and the HFS: FAQ.

Getting started

If you know nothing about our service, go to our introduction page.

To begin backing up with the backup software go to our guide on getting started with backup.

The HFS backup service is available to Oxford University staff, senior members and postgraduates running Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Unix. Recent changes now allow users working away from Oxford to backup over VPN to the standard desktop backup service.

The HFS Team also offer a data archive service for static data that is considered to be of long-term value to Oxford University.

Need help?

Our FAQ answers frequently-asked general questions on all aspects of the HFS.

To view the status and recent activity of an existing backup account, please go to the HFS Portal (help pages are also available for the HFS Portal) or the IT Services backup registration page.

If you want to know how to perform key tasks such as backing up or restoring data or are having problems, then review the section help using the backup client.

If you have received an email from the HFS Team then please see the automated emails page for support and advice.

If you would like to learn more about how to use the backup software and the HFS service by attending or listening to a course or talk, please see our page on courses and training.

Further information

Please read our guidelines on acceptable use to see our restrictions and service limits.

See our page on best practice for how best to use our service. If you wish to register for a server backup account, please see our list of server node registration requirements.

If you want to know how the HFS works, see our further information page.

Our service level description describes the levels of service which we strive to attain.


If you are leaving Oxford University or no longer require the backup service that you have registered for, then please see the sections on deregistering your active nodes and removing the backup client software.

This will help us to maintain an efficient system that stores only data that is beneficial to those currently associated with Oxford University.