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Registration Web-based Services

The IT Services self-registration and IT support staff web pages, which are maintained by IAM, provide a selection of services to manage personal information, IT accounts, etc. These are accessed using Webauth credentials.

1. Web-based services for individuals

These are available at

  • Set, update or view Nexus mailbox settings
  • Create a Remote Access account
  • Change a Remote Access account password
  • Register a computer for TSM backup
  • Manage existing TSM clients
  • Register for and download site licence software such as Sophos and VPN
  • Register an alternative email address
  • View your usernames and email addresses, and where your email is routed
  • Register for and manage an ORCID identifier
  • Change your Chorus password or PIN

The following links are provided to other services:

  • Change a Webauth password
  • Manage personal web space
  • Manage Linux shell account
  • Register to wake up a university computer remotely

2. Web-based services for IT Support staff

IT Support staff have additional facilities available for users in their department or college. These ara available at :

  • See who's on the ITSS Register
  • See unit email address forms
  • See IT contact email addresses
  • Get unit information
  • Request a secondary account
  • Rescue an SSO account
  • Modify personal mail routings
  • Request, modify or delete unit-level mail routings
  • Register a TSM desktop client for a user in your unit
  • Request additional Nexus quota
  • Register a user for the WDE service (accredited users only)
  • Authorise users for the WDE service (divisional reps only)
  • Set and update contact phone numbers
  • Book for ITS3 and Webmaster workshops
  • Obtain Sophos credentials for AV products

The following links are provided to other services:

  • Register to wake up university computer(s) remotely
  • Download software
  • Various network-related services

Written by IT Services. Latest revision 1 December 2015