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Nexus365: Setting Up Your Email Client

Nexus365 is designed to work best with the latest versions of Office (Office 2016, Office 2013 and Office 2016 for Mac). If you use a Microsoft client such as Outlook you can share and delegate access to your calendar, contacts and other features.

N.B. Your Nexus365 UserName is constructed using your SSO in lower-case and @OX.AC.UK in upper-case e.g, ouitxxxx@OX.AC.UK. A Username is case sensitive, therefore it must be entered correctly

For set-up advice on common and supported email clients see below. Previous versions of Office; such as Office 2010, Office 2007, and Office for Mac 2011 may work with Nexus365 but with reduced functionality.:

Windows email clients
Mac email clients
  • ActiveSync - some non-mobile clients can use the ActiveSync protocol. Please refer to the mobile device setup instructions to use ActiveSync.

  • Thunderbird - use the IMAP4 setting below.

    Note: Users of Thunderbird and other IMAP clients may encounter data throttling errors. This will prevent the initial sending and receiving of email for periods of time. If your IMAP connection to Nexus365 is being throttled you are advised to use the web browser client (OWA), whilst leaving the IMAP client to complete data synchronisation. The throttling rate is controlled by Microsoft and cannot be amended by IT Services.

    For faster sending, set the sendinbackground value to True.

  • IMAP4 is preferred over POP3 because it is more sophisticated and better supports larger mailboxes with multiple folders. Accessing your mailbox can only be via secure connections. Your mail client must support IMAP through SSL connections.

Type of server Server name Port Encryption method
POP3 (incoming mail) 995 TLS
IMAP4 (incoming mail) 993 TLS
SMTP (outgoing mail for both POP and IMAP clients) 587 STARTTLS

Users must ensure that secure connections are selected for both incoming mail and for outgoing mail.


Exchange Web Services (EWS)

This service can be used to enable Nexus365 calendars in Thunderbird as well as adding Exchange functionality to other clients.

A calendaring add-on is available here:

Configure it to use Exchange Web Services (EWS) and this URL, which (when visited and authenticated) can also be used to generate a service for connections:

As with other clients the username format is your SSO appended with @OX.AC.UK (which is case sensitive so should be in capitals: unitxxxx@OX.AC.UK).


Written by IT Services. Latest revision 14 January 2019