How to access Power BI desktop via CONNECT remote desktop service

Power BI desktop can be added to your CONNECT remote desktop service apps. This can be helpful if you need to access it from a device that doesn't support Power BI desktop such as Linux, MacOS or iOS.


  1. Ensure that you have access to the CONNECT remote desktop service
  2. Submit a request to have Power BI desktop added to your apps and wait for this to be fulfilled. We suggest the following details:
    Please grant me access to the PowerBI desktop app in the CONNECT remote desktop service (add to AD Group RAPP-RA-Power BI Desktop)
  3. Login to the CONNECT remote desktop service, select Power BI Desktop from your desktop icons to download the installer package. Save and open / run the downloaded file, confirming any prompts
  4. When asked to sign in, enter your username in the format CONNECT\abcd1234 and your CONNECT password

After your first login the Power BI desktop can be started directly using the icon. You may be prompted for login credentials periodically.

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