Recommended audio-visual (AV) equipment for offices, meeting rooms and teaching spaces

Our recommendations for audio visual equipment have been created in partnership with the university's preferred AV supplier. They are designed to support in-person, online and hybrid activities such as meetings and teaching.

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Meeting rooms and teaching spaces which contain audio visual equipment should:

  • Support the connection of external devices via HDMI
  • Include the ability to participate in a Teams meeting

Teaching spaces should also include provision for:

  • Recording lectures using the Panopto lecture capture software

A typical office PC can be equipped to support participation in online and hybrid meetings by adding a webcam and headset.

The following specification applies to 1- or 2-person offices that include a meeting area:

We do not recommend long-term fitment of meeting spaces in larger offices for online or hybrid events. Background noise and activity can severely degrade the meeting quality for other participants, who may also not be aware of who else in the office can see/hear the meeting.

The following recommendations provide a basic specification for use with participant devices such as a laptop, and a second specification that fully enables the room for Teams Room meetings without depending on participant devices.

Teams Rooms devices

Teams Rooms devices enable your meeting rooms to be "invited" to a Teams meeting in advance. These can be added to an existing or new display provided it has an HDMI connection. On-site participants simply power-on the display and select "Join" on the Teams Rooms console to connect the room to the meeting.

Microsoft publishes a catalogue of Teams Rooms devices and a list of certified Teams Rooms on Android devices. You should check pricing with University preferred suppliers before ordering.

The following devices are / have been used successfully within the University:

  • Logitech Rally Bar
  • Logitech Rally Bar Plus
  • Crestron UC-M50-T + Crestron FT2
  • Crestron UC-M70-T + Crestron CCS-UCA-MIC

Remember that these systems will need to be connected a screen that is a suitable size for the room.

The following recommendations may need to be adapted for specific locations, due to significant variation in teaching spaces across the university. Before making any purchases you should contact the university's preferred AV supplier and arrange a site visit to discuss your requirements.

The specification and costs were provided by the university's preferred AV supplier and are accurate as of May 2021 and will be reviewed annually.

For smaller flexible or temporary teaching spaces we would recommend the following:

Pre-installation checks

Additional checks and approvals may be required before carrying out any installation works, including electrical or data cabling. For more information please consult the Estates Services website, especially the information on repairs and maintenance.