How to arrange a Teams Room meeting

A Teams Room is a meeting room which has been equipped with a screen, camera, microphones and a mini PC running the Teams software.

The room is controlled by a touchscreen mounted on the desk.

Booking a Teams Room Meeting

  1. Open or create a new meeting in Teams or Outlook (nb the meeting invitation must include a Teams meeting link)
  2. Add the room using the Add location feature in Teams or choosing from the room list in Outlook
  3. Add all other participants as normal and select Send
  4. If you have the rights to book the room then your booking will be added into the calendar for the Teams room


Joining the Teams Room meeting

  1. The touchscreen on the desk will display the room calendar for the day, click on your meeting
  2. Click the join button to start or join the meeting

For more information on all Teams Room features please see Microsoft's Teams Rooms help guide


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