Panopto on iPad and iPhone

To access your 'My Panopto Folder' via Canvas on an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch:

  1. Open a browser, e.g. Google Chrome, Firefox, *Safari
  2. Go to and log in using your SSO (Single Sign On)
  3. From the Canvas sidebar, click on the 'Account' menu item (top-left corner)
  4. Select 'My Panopto Folder' from the list
  5. Click on the '' link

* You must change a Safari setting to enable 'Cross-Site Tracking' (see below guidance)

Once logged in, there are a few differences to accessing Panopto via your desktop or laptop computer. The main one is you cannot easily create or edit content on a mobile device -- this is still best done on a computer.

Note: some Apple mobile devices can record and upload video to Panopto, but it varies significantly by model so we do not support these features.

This guide was tested on the following Apple mobile devices and may not apply to other versions:

  • iPad Pro (2020) running iPad OS 16.6.1
  • iPhone X running iOS 15.5

Downloading videos are enabled (or not) at the discretion of each dept. and college. If you have a Student Plan through Disability Advisory Support (DAS) please contact your tutor or course administrator to discuss access to videos.

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The normal way to access Panopto is to sign into Canvas with your SSO (Single Sign On) account then open your 'My Panopto Folder'. When you do this on your Apple mobile device, you may see this error page:

panopto ipad safari cookie error


The error message text reads: 
"We were unable to sign you in because your browser is not accepting cookies.
Click here to sign in. To open this page in a new tab, click here."

This is a generic error message from Panopto and is unfortunately not helpful in this situation.

  • You should not click either of the provided links. 
  • You do not need to sign in with a separate Panopto user account. No one in the University has one (expect our Replay technical team).

Instead, you need to make a change to the settings of the Safari web browser on your device, to allow it to support 'Cross-Site Tracking'. Then you use Safari to log into Canvas as normal. For guidance on how to do this, follow the instructions for your device in the drop-down sections below.

Note: Safari has cross-site tracking disabled by default to prevent advertisers from following your web activity across different websites and using it to serve you personalised adverts. However it is required to allow you to log into Panopto via Canvas.



On an iPad, you can only access Panopto via Canvas using the built-in Safari web browser app. You cannot use Chrome, Firefox, any other browser, or the Canvas or Panopto apps. If you try to access Panopto via Canvas by any other method, on tapping 'My Panopto Folder' you will see the following error:

"We were unable to sign you in because your browser is not accepting cookies.
Click here to sign in. To open this page in a new tab, click here."

To configure Safari to allow you to access Panopto via Canvas, do the following:

  1. On your iPad, open your Settings app. The icon will be this or similar:


  2. Swipe down on the left-hand menu until you find 'Safari'. Tap 'Safari' to open the Safari app's settings:
    panopto ipad settings


  3. Swipe down on the right-hand menu to show more settings:
    panopto ipad settings safari top


  4. You want to allow Safari to use cross-site tracking. Find the setting 'Prevent Cross-Site Tracking' and slide the switch to OFF, i.e. grey not green:
    panopto ipad safari cst instructions2


  5. Open the Safari app on your iPad. If you still have the Canvas tab open with the cookie error message, you can just refresh the browser page to access your 'My Panopto Folder'.

    Otherwise sign into Canvas as normal via

    panopto ipad canvas login

      ... then tap 'Account' in the left sidebar, then 'My Panopto Folder' from the pop-up menu:

    panopto ipad canvas sidebar2


  6. You should now successfully see the contents of your 'My Panopto Folder':
    panopto ipad successful login


The process of enabling 'Cross-Site Tracking' for Safari is identical to on the iPad.

Screenshots for the iPhone will be added here shortly.

These features of Panopto via Canvas work on iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch:

  • Watching videos
  • Enabling closed captions
  • Navigating through folders


These features do not work on iPad etc:

  • Editing video projects


These features may work on your Apple mobile device, but as this varies by model the Replay service cannot provide support or advice for them:

  • Uploading video and audio to Panopto


Did you know you can also record your lectures in a browser?

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