How to access a Nexus365 secure account export


  1. You will need a secure Windows PC that has all updates applied and 7-Zip installed - for staff in UAS and GLAM we recommend a managed staff PC
  2. To access a mailbox export you will need a licensed version of MS Outlook 2016 or newer
  3. You should have been given a USB drive and BitLocker passphrase, or a OneDrive sharing link; You should also have been given a ZIP file passphrase.

    Only accept these if you were expecting them and/or you can reliably establish that the sender and files are genuine and from within the University.

    Please do not accept unsolicited media or links as these may be part of a phishing scheme or other attempt to compromise security


  1. If you were given a USB drive then plug it in and use the BitLocker passphrase to open it (for more details see How to Open Bitlocker Encrypted USB Drive on Another Computer (, then copy the contents to a new local folder on your PC such as My Documents\n365exp
  2. If you were given a OneDrive link then open it and download the files to a new local folder on your PC such as My Documents\n365exp
  3. Browse to the folder, right-click on the first ZIP file, choose 7-Zip > Extract Here and follow the instructions. You will need to enter the ZIP file passphrase
  4. The contents of the ZIP file will be extracted to the current folder. This may include one or more PST files containing mailbox items which can be opened in Outlook, or a set of folders and files from OneDrive which can be examined directly


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