Benefits and features of the HFS Code42 Cloud Backup Service

Benefits and advantages of Code42 Cloud Backup

The HFS Code42 backup implementation is cloud-based and offers many benefits and advantages over the existing on-premise desktop backup service, as listed below:

  • No need for VPN. You can backup from anywhere to the Code42 Cloud
  • Automatic backups in the background - by default every 15 minutes (but configurable)
  • Unlimited storage and no daily limits to how much you backup
  • You can backup up to 4 machines under one personal account
  • Easy to use interface to select and exclude your data for backup
  • By default compression, encryption and deduplication of your backups both in transit and at rest
  • Fast restores
  • Restore your data from one machine to another
  • Cross platform restores (i.e. Windows to Mac) supported
  • Point-in-time restores
  • Multiple backup sets allowing you to backup some data more or less frequently than others
  • Easy configuration of your backup settings including frequency of background backups and number of versions held
  • Backups to local storage possible in addition to cloud backup

We think that many of the above features will be met with general approval by our existing and future users.

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