Campus RFC1918

These IPs might typically be used as the management addresses of servers/switches/APs, although their use isn't restricted to any particular purpose.

Each FroDo tenancy is eligible to receive a /22 subnet assigned from  Please note that the subnet size is fixed at /22.

The service is provisioned as an untagged VLAN on port 9, 23, or 37 of the FroDo for tenants 1, 2, and 3 respectively.

The exception to this is where the customer runs their own router and there is a linknet connecting that to the FroDo router.  In this case, the customer can choose to have the RFC1918 subnet routed over the existing subnet rather than presented on a separate port.

There is no IT Services firewalling provided so customers are responsible for making their own arrangements.

The service is being rolled out using a phased approach in order to allow customers to gain access sooner rather than later in exchange for some missing functionality.


As of July 2019, the service is in Phase 1.


Phase 1 - no DNS, no DHCP, no NAT (early field trials with selected customers)

Phase 2 - DNS, no DHCP, no NAT  (Q4CY2019)

Phase 3 - DNS, DHCP, no NAT (Q4CY2020)

Phase 4 - DHS, DHCP, NAT (see note below)


Please note that Phase 4 may never be reached as a NAT gateway would require a significant financial investment which is unlikely in the current fiscal climate, and perhaps by then IPv6 will be more widely available which will reduce/eliminate the need for this service.


In order to request the provisioning of a Campus RFC1918 subnet, please email

Including the FroDo and tenancy number together with choice of provisioning type for linknet tenancies will help to avoid delay.  You can discover this information in Huginn.

There is no extra charge for this facility.

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