How to change your email name or address

The methods below describe how to request changes to your name as shown on your University Card, your department and college affiliations, and your associated email address and address book entry.

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If your University Card does not show your name correctly then you will need to request a University Card amendment. Your College Office or Departmental Administrator should be able to advise how to do this.

Once your University Card has been amended, your new email address should be active within 3 days.

Your old email address will continue to work for two months.

  1. Visit your Nexus account settings. If you have multiple accounts then select the one you wish to modify
  2. Select Preferred email address settings and click Submit 
  3. Select the email address you wish to use and click Submit

Although you will be advised that this change was successful, it can take up to an hour for this change to come into effect. The change will not display correctly under Show mailbox information or the Preferred email address settings window until it has come into effect. It can take up to 48 hours for the change to show in the address book (Nexus365 Global Address List) and University email search.

If the change is not displayed correctly under Show mailbox information after 2 hours then please contact the Service Desk for advice.

If the appropriate departmental or college email address is not listed as an option in the previous method then you should contact your local IT support team.

Although everyone in the University is given a unique email address, many “people lists” only show names. This includes Outlook autocompletion, OneDrive and SharePoint sharing lists, and some areas of Teams. If you are one of several people whose name is displayed the same then we can add your college, department or a role-based suffix to make your entry unique. Some typical examples:

  • Alex Clark (Merton)
  • Jo Williams (Law)
  • Pat Smith (Dept Administrator)


Other changes to University-provided email addresses will only be made in exceptional circumstances. Please include the reason for your request so that we can advise on what options might be available.


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