Chorus phone short codes


Name Description Turn on Turn off
Callback Set up a callback when the person you call is busy #1 ##1

Call forwarding

Name Description Turn on Turn off
Call forward unconditional Forward all calls #9 [extension to divert to] ##9
Call forward on busy Forward calls when the line is busy #0# [extension to divert to] ##0#
Call forward no reply Forward calls on no reply #0* [extension to divert to] ##0*

Remember to dial 9 followed by the number you're redirecting to if you're diverting to an external line.  You will only be able to divert calls to numbers that you have dialling permissions to call, and your department will incur the cost of the ongoing call.

Call Park

Function Short Code
Park a call *6
Retrieve a call *71

Call Pickup

Function Short code
Pick up any call *3 [extension you wish to pick up]
Pick up calls in a pickup group **3

Hunt groups

Name Description Turn on Turn off
Make Busy Toggle Make a phone log into and out of a hunt group **13 **13

Who am I

Name Description To use
Who am I Listen to a recording of the number of the phone 10888

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