Digital Video Production

Digital Video Production

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About the Digital Video Production Service

Educational Media Services has the facility to produce broadcast quality video for your research, conference, lecture or promotional event. A crew can be hired to produce programmes to support teaching and to promote University or College activities and to film important events. We film every day in all the University lecture spaces, including the Exams Schools and the Sheldonian Theatre. We can even broadcast your event to a global web audience (See our Live streaming services page).   We are also available for activities outside the University, but priority will be given to teaching support, public engagement and promoting University research activities.

All material can be transferred into web formats for Apple Podcasts (formerly iTunesU), and (if requested) be published on our University of Oxford Podcasts site, or even embedded within any departmental sites. We run and maintain the main University media channels, which have over 5,000 videos, so our filming to publishing service is done efficiently so you don't have to worry about any of the technical issues.  We can also help promote your material to gain greater impact. References and examples can be provided.

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Our Studio Spaces

Educational Media Services has two recording spaces at IT Services, 13 Banbury Road that are perfect for filming interviews, webcasts and recording audio and video podcasts.




Audio Studio

The main tv studio is fitted out with the latest lighting and recording technology and is connected to the fast University network for broadcasting webcasts and recording screen presentations with the lecture capture (Replay) technology to the VLE.  The studio is also suitable for complex chroma-key / ‘green screen’ recording.


A smaller sound proofed space is suitable for audio recording work such as podcasting or voice-over 

It should be noted that both studios are located in the basement with no lift access.


Getting Started with Video Production (a guide)


If you are interested in using our digital video production or webcasting services, please do get in touch by referring to the "Booking our Services" section below. While our team is prepared to guide you through the process at every step of the way, we encourage you also to have a look at the following guides and checklists we have prepared for you below. They include:

Production Checklist PDF

We'll ask you to download the Production Checklist PDF and fill it out prior to undertaking a video production project on your behalf. It includes basic questions regarding the size, scope, intended audience, location, speaker information, and key messages of your project. 

Video Production Help Guide

Download our 2-page Video Production Help Guide PDF to help you plan a short promotional video for web use. It will guide you through video pre-production (key messages, staff required, audience, story boards, etc.), and what to expect from video production (technical set-up, lighting, interview techniques, b-roll/supporting footage etc.) and video post-production (editing, scripting, extra graphics and textual information, draft-to-final copy, etc.).

Using Audio-Visual Material in your Lectures and/or Research

For advice and guidance on how to cite audio-visual material that you wish to include in your work, download the Learning On Screen Audiovisual Citation Guide PDF.

Professional Video Editing 



If you already have film material, or would like existing films updated, then Educational Media Services can provide a fast turn-around of projects.

Working with Final Cut Pro, changes or additions to your programmes are easy as we can alter titles and graphics, add or remove clips anywhere on the timeline, or change the voice-over and music simply and flexibly.

Our system is designed to work with a wide range of formats, and there are many format options available to you for outputting the finished product whether it is a full HD output file, a University podcast, or a video for social media channels such as YouTube and even DVD.

Booking our Services

Producing a programme is a very time consuming activity and anyone considering using this service should book well in advance. Anyone wishing to hire the unit to cover an event should also book well in advance so that we can visit the location beforehand to determine how best to meet the requirements, ensure staff availability and hire in extra resources if required.

Requirements for each project can vary widely, therefore, quotations are usually prepared on an individual basis.

For advice, or a quotation please contact us with details of your event on 01865 289983 or email

Get support

For enquiries about video and audio production, livestreaming and Teams Live events contact Educational Media Services


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