How to find the asset tag for your managed staff PC

Applies to: managed staff PCs

Method 1 - asset tag from label

This is usually the quickest method if you are near your PC.

  1. Find the asset tag on a small rectangular label stuck on the outside of your PC
  2. Asset numbers normally look like DE001234, AA0123 or DM005678

Method 2 - asset tag from device name

Use this method if you can't find the asset tag or you are accessing your PC remotely.

  1. Start and sign-in to your PC
  2. Select Start  , type name, select View your PC name
  3. Send us the Device Name value, usually in the form 246D-DE001234

Method 3 - service tag from Dell support

The service tag can be used if the asset number cannot be confirmed.

  1. Open a web browser and visit Dell UK Support
  2. Wait for the site to detect your PC, then send us the Service Tag displayed under "Which product can we help you with"

Method 4 - service tag from command line

  1. Select Start  , type cmd, select Command Prompt
  2. Wait for the command prompt window to open, then type wmic bios get serialnumber and press Enter
  3. Send us the value displayed

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