How to use managed staff desktops at home

Requesting desktop re-configuration for use at home

  1. Register the equipment you want to take home using our Equipment Repurpose and Home Use Form
  2. Contact the Service Desk with the asset number of your PC and requesting reconfiguration for use at home
  3. Ensure that your PC is turned on and connected to an office network. You may need to arrange this via your office manager if you are not working on-site yourself
  4. We will activate updates and re-configuration of your PC. This can take 2 to 3 days. We will confirm when your PC is ready
  5. When you package your PC for removal, be sure to collect all cables and attached devices. It can be helpful to make a note of where each cable is connected so you can plug them all in correctly at home
  6. Your office manager may be able to arrange for your desktop to be delivered to you by courier if necessary

Using your managed staff desktop at home for the first time

  1. For the most reliable network connection you will need to plug the relevant cable into your broadband router at home. This also works over powerline extensions. You can connect using wireless if you prefer, but you will need to order a USB wireless adapter (we recommend the TP-Link TL-WN725N which can be bought through IT Services Purchasing)
  2. Turn your PC on and wait for it to start
  3. When the login screen appears check that your PC has a network connection. If you are using wireless then click on the wireless icon to select your wireless network and enter any security details. A successful connection will be indicated by one of the following icons: Windows pre-login network icons
  4. Login as normal using your CONNECT username and password. This may take slightly longer than usual whilst configuration and polices are applied

Returning your PC to the office

  1. Send key details to us so we can support you if any issues crop up:
    - PC asset number (DE001234)
    - building or estates location code (100.10.01) that it will be returned to
    - date you plan to return it (dd/mm/yyyy)
  2. Make sure you collect all the cables and attachments that your PC needs (power and network cables; display(s) with power, signal and USB cables; keyboard; mouse; webcam if used; headset if used) and any power extension leads, stands, height adjusters, wrist supports or other workstation equipment. Make a note of where each cable plugs into so that you can re-assemble this on-site
  3. Reconnect your PC in the office, ideally using the same network port it was previously connected to. If you have any issues then please contact the Service Desk, providing the reference number from the support call you placed in step 1

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