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Bomgar Remote Support Tool

What is Bomgar?

Bomgar is a secure remote support tool which has been purchased by IT Services and is available to local IT support staff on a subscription basis.

The Bomgar tool has a number of features, however initially only the remote support tool with a temporary downloadable client will be available to the majority of users. Additional features will be trialled by IT Services staff and will potentially be offered to local IT teams in the future.

The remote support tool is fully integrated into the HEAT service management tool also offered by IT Services, however it can also be used as a standalone application.

Can I use Bomgar?

Bomgar is available to IT Services staff as well as to all registered IT Support Staff. The service is subscription based with renewals being charged in August each year. IT Staff can either download the Bomgar rep console, which is available for Windows, Mac and Linux, or use the web app. Users requesting access to Bomgar will be required to adhere to a code of conduct.

What are the costs for a college or department?

The service costs £200 per named ITSS user per year, renewals will be charged in August each year. Note no charges will be levied in the 2017/18 financial year. Charges are levied on a cost recovery basis and will be reviewed periodically.

 In order to keep the administrative element of the charge to a minimum the following applies for users joining part way through the financial year:

  • Users joining in the first six months of the financial year will be charged the full annual cost, those joining in the latter half of the year will only be charged a subscription fee for subsequent financial years.
  • No refunds will be issued for part years and user licenses are non-transferrable.

How can I request access and where are the training materials?

IT support staff can request access by searching for and completing the appropriate request in HEAT self-service. (search 'Bomgar')

Note in order for access to be granted permission must be sought from the budget holder for the annual subscription and the account holder must agree to the code of conduct.

Training materials will be sent to new users as part of the set up process, however they are also included at the bottom of this page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Bomgar without using HEAT?

Yes, whilst Bomgar is fully integrated into the HEAT Service Management tool it can also be used as a standalone application.

Will my department get a refund if I leave part way through the year?

No. In order to keep the overall costs to the university as low as possible a simple charging model has been implemented see “What are the costs for a college or department?”

Can a license be transferred to another user?

No. In order to keep the overall costs to the university as low as possible a simple charging model has been implemented see “What are the costs for a college or department?”

Are all sessions recorded? Who can view them? Where are they stored and for how long?

All sessions are recorded. Security is applied so apart from the system administrator only the end user and other members of your unit can view the recordings. The Bomgar infrastructure is entirely hosted by IT Services onsite and recordings are kept for 90 days.

Can I connect to unmanaged devices or devices not on the university network?

Yes. Bomgar can be used to connect to almost any device with a browser and an internet connection.

Do Bomgar connections persist after a reboot?

Yes. Bomgar sessions will reconnect after a reboot or any other form of disconnection except in the circumstances where the end user has manually terminated the session.

Do users need to download anything before I can connect to them?

Yes. To connect to a PC or laptop users will need to download and run a small, temporary application. The application can be run by non-admin users and will be removed when the session ends. Mobile device users will be prompted to install the Bomgar app from the appropriate app store before initiating the session.

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Written by IT Services. Latest revision 13 February 2018