How to access Power BI

Power BI Web App

The Power BI web app is ideal for viewing reports that have been shared with you.

View a report using a link

  1. Click on a Power BI report link that has been shared with you to open the report in the Power BI web app

Open Power BI web app to view and create reports

  1. Login to Office365 using your SSO credentials if prompted
  2. Select the waffle icon  in the top left, then select All apps > Power BI
  3. Select an existing report from the Apps or Shared with me areas, or select Create to build a new report
Power BI Desktop

Power BI Desktop provides functionality to help you manage datasets and write reports. Power BI Pro licenses work best with Power BI Desktop.

Staff PC managed by IT Services (CONNECT)

  1. Send us an app install request and wait for this to be fulfilled
  2. Select Start  , type power, select Power BI Desktop

PC managed by college / department IT

  1. Contact your local IT team for guidance

Self-managed PC

  1. Follow the instructions above to access the Power BI Web App
  2. Select Download  > Power BI Desktop from the top menu and allow Microsoft Store to open and show the Power BI Desktop app by Microsoft Corporation
  3. In Microsoft Store select Get, and confirm any prompts to complete installation
  4. Select Start  , type power, select Power BI Desktop

Other devices

  1. Follow our instructions to access Power BI desktop via the CONNECT remote desktop service
Power BI Pro / Premium

Power BI Pro

Power BI Pro is a license upgrade that provides additional functionality through your existing Power BI Web App and Power BI Desktop. Select your profile icon  in Power BI to see which license type you already have. Use the button below to request a Power BI Pro license upgrade if required.


Power BI Premium

Power BI Premium provides storage capacity that is shared across all University Power BI users. If you need additional shared capacity then please request an appointment so that we can discuss your requirements and explain how this can be achieved in our Office365 environment.


Get support

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