How to fix stale request errors

Stale request errors may be displayed by your web browser for a number of reasons.


Cause Resolution
Expired links The link or bookmark used may be out of date, try to navigate to the page from a different source.
Multiple pages open More than one open instance of same the page may cause issues, close and reopen your web browser.
Back button Use of the web browser's back button may cause issues, close and reopen the web browser.
Cookies not enabled Cookies may be required to access the service.  Enable cookies, including third party cookies, in your web browser's settings.
Cache and cookies Information saved by your browser may cause issues, clear your cache and cookie information
Network issues You may be able to avoid errors caused by network issues if you connect to the University VPN
Web browser issues Use a different web browser, such as Chrome, Edge or Firefox.  Using your browser's private / incognito window may also temporarily avoid the issue.
Security software

You may be able check if your security software is blocking access by disabling it temporarily.  If the software is blocking access, refer to its documentation to address this.

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