How to forget a WiFi network

When setting up an eduroam WiFi connection it may be necessary to remove your device's existing eduroam settings.


To forget a WiFi network on Windows 10 devices:


  1. Select the Windows Start menu   > Settings  > Network & Internet  
  2. Select Wi-Fi  > Manage known networks
  3. Select the network to forget
  4. Select Forget

To forget a WiFi network on macOS devices:


  1. Select the WiFi icon at the top right of your top menu bar
  2. Select Open Network Preferences…
  3. Select Advanced…
  4. Select the network to forget
  5. Select its minus sign
  6. Click Ok, then Apply

To forget a WiFi network on iOS devices such as an iPhone or iPad:


  1. Go to Settings   > Wi-Fi  
  2. Tap the information icon  next to the network to forget
  3. Select Forget This Network
  4. Select Forget to confirm


You may be unable to forget the eduroam network due to an existing profile, to remove this:


  1. Go to Settings  > General 
  2. Depending on your version of iOS, select Profiles, Profiles & Device Management or VPN & Device Management
  3. Select then remove the eduroam profile

Android devices differ between versions and manufacturers, however the general way to forget a WiFi network on an Android device is:


  1. Open your device Settings  
  2. If available, select Network and Internet, WiFi and InternetConnections or Mobile and Networks
  3. Select Wi-Fi
  4. Select, or tap and hold, the network to forget
  5. Select the option to forget the network

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