How to connect remotely to your on-site managed staff desktop

Initial setup

You will need to record the network name of your office PC, this can only be done whilst you are in the office.

  1. Login to your Office PC
  2. Select the Start  button, search for name and click View your PC name
  3. Record the Full computer name field. If this field is not displayed then please contact the Service Desk as your office PC may not be suitable for this method of connection
  4. Submit a Request For Change to get remote desktop access configured for your PC

Connect to your desktop

  1. Make sure your office PC is turned on
  2. On your home PC, connect to the University VPN
  3. Select the Start   button, search for remote and click Remote Desktop Connection (App)
  4. Enter the full computer name for your office PC (see above), then click Connect
  5. Enter your CONNECT username in the form CONNECT\admn1234 and your CONNECT password
  6. Make sure Remember Me is clear (not ticked)
  7. Click OK
  8. Read and accept the usage rules
  9. Enter your username and password again if prompted

Further Information

This "direct-to-desktop" method of connecting is only offered where you have software applications installed on your desktop that cannot be provided through the CONNECT Remote Desktop Service or installed directly on your home PC.

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