Introduction to Chorus Contact Center

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Do you have:

Internal or external support teams within the college or department, or multiple agents who can deal with similar queries?

Do you need:

Call routing to alter depending on the time of day, call queing, or to deliver message announcements to your callers?

Historical and real-time reporting on call patterns including calls answered and abandoned, agent availability their behaviour?

You should fulfil one of these criteria - if not, contact the Chorus team, as there could be another solution that meets your satisfies your needs more effectively.

Contact Center uses Skills-Based routing meaning that calls are delivered to members of the team according to their skill, experience or seniority, according to your requirements.  It is therefore important to understand whether your callers be internal or external, and what is their expectation on calling your team?  Do they expect to held in a queue to be answered by any member of the team, or do they have specific, perhaps technical queries which can only be handled by appropriately experienced Agents?  

Can your callers be played specific messages upon calling your team, which may automatically provide them with the information they require?  If so, you can free up Agent time by recording well-considered informational messages to be played to your callers as soon as they call your team, or while they wait in a queue for an available Agent.

Contact Center is an application which sits alongside the main Chorus telephone system.  It never directly handles a call, but instead sends instructions to the phone system on what to do.  Under normal circumstances, all of your calls will be distributed to your team through a hunt group, while Contact Center provides some of the bells and whistles which enrich your customer's caller experience.  If Contact Center experiences a service disruption, the main phone system will continue to route your callers to your agents via a hunt group, but this will be a simple call delivery without any of the messaging or time-of-day routing features Contact Center provides.

There are a number of business continuity options available to teams using Contact Center, such as:

  • Cloud based routing.  If the Chorus phone system is disrupted, you can reroute your calls in the cloud.
  • Remote working for Agents.  If your team needs to work remotely, Contact Center can provide this out of the box.
  • 'Message of the Day'.  Chorus can configure your Contact Center to allow you to upload messages yourself, which can allow you to deliver messages to your callers about disruptions to your service before callers are routed to your team.
  • Emergency routing.  Chorus can preconfigure call routing behaviours for your Contact Center, which you can select by dialling into a phone menu.  This is particularly useful if you have a service outage and are unable to access the Contact Center manager application.

If you want to discuss these options, and any other requirements you have, please contact the Service Desk with details, and asked to be passed on to the Chorus team.

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