How to manage windows updates on managed desktops

Feature Update: Windows 10 version 1909

A feature update to Windows 10 version 1909 will be deployed to all managed desktops, starting in October 2020. This update will take around an hour and will require a restart. Devices that haven't been updated by 30/11/2020 will start the installation automatically.


Windows updates are essential to desktop security, can fix functional or reliability problems, and maintain compatibility with other systems. You will be prompted when updates are available, and can configure "active hours" during which your PC will not restart to complete update installation.

Most updates will install in the background with very little impact on performance.

Feature updates are more significant and can take about an hour to install, will impact performance, and require one or more restarts to complete.

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A notification titled Software changes are required will pop up on your desktop when updates are available. You can click on the notification and follow the prompts to install updates.

The following steps can be used at any time to check for and apply oustanding updates:

  1. Start Software Centre (press Windows   type software centre and press Enter)
  2. Select Updates and wait a few seconds while your PC checks for updates
  3. Click Install on individual entries, or Install All to apply updates
  4. Your PC will prompt you to reboot if necessary, and will reboot automatically outside of active hours
  5. When updates are required or a reboot is pending the system power options will change to Update and Shutdown and Update and Restart

Feature updates are effectively upgraded versions of Windows 10. You can check which version you are using at any time as follows:

  1. Press Windows  , type about and press Enter to open the Settings > About window
  2. Scroll down to the Windows specifications section
  3. The Version field confirms which feature update you are running

You can specify "active hours" during which Windows will not restart to complete update installation:

  1. Start Software Centre (press Windows   type software centre and press Enter)
  2. Select Options
  3. Under Work information, specify the times and days during which your PC should not restart
  4. Close Software Centre

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