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Hydra is the University's central DDI (DNS, DHCP, IPAM) service.  It provides an integrated suite of tools via Web and API interfaces.  It aims to provide complete self-service within the bounds of technical and political realities.

Getting help

Networks team

  • If after having read the documentation you want to ask a question about the operation of Hydra
  • Making DNS changes for record types that were previously not self-service in the old DNS web interface (until 31 January 2020)
  • Reporting bugs
  • Making suggestions for enhancement
  • Changing unit ownership of domain or subnet (requests from ITSS01 only, please)
  • Why not join the mailing list and engage in lively discussion?

Domain Registration

  • Requests for new domains
  • Add mail domain permission to existing domain
  • Transfer in/out of domain to/from Oxford DNS hosting

Your unit's ITSS01

  • Permission to edit DNS records for a domain or subnet


Written by IT Services. Latest revision 21 October 2019