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Teams Live Events

Microsoft Teams live events are an extension of Teams meetings that enables Oxford University staff to schedule, produce and broadcast meetings to a large online audience up to 10,000. Teams Live Events is designed to be used for large-scale information dissemination such as town hall meetings, departmental updates, broadcasting keynotes or online training at scale.

Team Live Capacity

Please be aware that there is a maximum limit of 50 Team Live events that can be run at the same time in the Nexus Tenancy. This is a temporary increase provided by Microsoft and this will revert back to the default limit of 15 concurrent Team Live events on October 1, 2020.  

We would recommend that you continue to use standard Teams meeting where possible and only use Live events if the audience numbers will exceed the 300 maximum participant limits for a Team Meeting.

Scheduling a Teams live Event

Please see the following Microsoft Guidance for scheduling a Teams live event.  For further information on Team Live events, the event roles and who can attend a live event please see the getting started with Microsoft Teams live events guide.

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Written by IT Services. Latest revision 3 August 2020