Case studies for podcasting at University of Oxford

Podcasts are being used at University of Oxford to support a variety of different activities in a wide range of departments. The Publishing service run by University of Oxford IT Services delivers podcasts to Apple Podcasts (formerly iTunes U) and the University of Oxford Podcasts website

'Medieval English Lectures' and 'Approaching Shakespeare' have frequently been in the top twenty-five downloads from Apple's 'Higher Education' category.

Series 1: 'Medieval English Lectures'

In the English Faculty, Dr. Stuart Lee uses podcasts to deliver a series of lectures and readings from Old English texts with support material to his students. He has also produced an "enhanced" podcast that is a step-by-step guide with slides to accompany one through the Anglo-Saxon exhibits on display in the British Museum's Early Medieval Room.

Series 2: 'Back Garden Biology'

In this fun and informative video series Dr Lindsay Turnbull, Associate Professor and Fellow of The Queen’s College looks at the biology of the back garden. This series was created in response to the 2020 national lockdown, in particular for children missing school to help them understand the theory behind everyday biology. 

Series 3: 'TORCH -- The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities'

Launched in May 2013, TORCH (The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities) has continuously hosted a range of interdisciplinary projects. It collaborates with all 9 Humanities faculties, as well as departments in the sciences and cultural organisations. Since its inception, TORCH has consistently provided a platform for Oxford's scholars in the humanities to develop new ideas in an open forum. They have also been active on publishing these events as podcasts, and work closely with Educational Media Services, which assists in the audio-video production of many of these open forums and collaborative projects. To date, TORCH and Educational Media Services together have published the following podcasts series

Series 4: 'Approaching Shakespeare'

Presented by Professor Emma Smith, each lecture in this audio series focuses on a single play by Shakespeare and employs a range of different approaches to try to understand a central critical question about it.


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