How to share PowerPoint slides in Teams meetings


  1. Set up and join your Teams meeting as usual
  2. In Teams, select Share   > PowerPoint Live and choose your presentation from the list.

    Enable Include computer sound if your presentation has audio content that you want to share (including embedded videos, narrated sections or music)

  3. If your presentation is not listed then select Browse OneDrive or Browse my computer and locate the PowerPoint file you want to share
  4. Wait for the presentation to start on all attendees devices - it can feel like this is taking a long time, but it usually completes in 5 to 10 seconds
  5. Use the following actions to navigate through your presentation:
    Action Method

    Move to the next slide

    Select Navigate forward  

    Press Right Arrow  

    Press Page Down  

    Press Space bar

    Move to the Previous slide

    Select Navigate back  

    Press Left Arrow  

    Press Page Up  

    Press Back space 

    Jump to a particular slide

    Select the slide you want from the slide previews at the bottom

    Select Grid or press G, then select the slide you want to jump to from the slide sorter

    View participant / hands-up list Select People   at the top of Teams
    Switch between presenter view and participant video feeds

    Select any of the participant video panels to view video feeds

    Select the slide panel to switch back to presenter view

    Force participants to view the same slide as you Select slide lock  at the top of Teams


  6. Use the Presenter mode options at the top of your Teams screen to switch between Content only (just your slides) and Standout (your video is shown in the bottom-right corner of the slides)
  7. Select More actions   just below your slides to show/hide your notes and slide preview, select high contrast mode, or translate the slides. These actions only affect your view, each attendee can select their own independent settings
  8. Options to change the font size of your notes are displayed to the bottom-right of the current slide

Prepare with a quick practice-run

A quick practice before the live session will give you confidence in using Teams to present. Here's how:

  1. Open Teams and select Calendar  
  2. Select Meet Now   > Start meeting > Join now
  3. Close  the prompt to Invite people to join you
  4. Now select Share   and follow the instructions above

Further information

Video tutorial

A short video tutorial on How to use PowerPoint Live in Teams by Breakwater IT

Other presentation formats

PowerPoint Live is only available for files saved in the latest PowerPoint (PPTX) format, used in PowerPoint 2016 and newer. If your presentation is in another format then try saving it as a PowerPoint file, either in the application you used to create it or in PowerPoint.

Sharing PowerPoint from a Mac

To share a PowerPoint file in presentation / slideshow mode on a Mac you need to give Teams permission for Screen Recording (see Sharing content on a Mac, about half-way down). You only need to do this once, the setting remains in place for future presentations.

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