How to use BeyondTrust Remote Support (for IT Support Staff)

BeyondTrust Remote Support is a secure remote support tool which has been purchased by IT Services and is available to local IT support staff on a subscription basis.

The BeyondTrust Remote Support tool has a number of features, however initially only the remote support tool with a temporary downloadable client will be available to the majority of users. Additional features will be trialled by IT Services staff and will potentially be offered to local IT teams in the future.

The remote support tool is fully integrated into Oxford Service Manager (OSM), but can also be used as a standalone application.

Information on using BeyondTrust Remote Support

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BeyondTrust Remote Support is available to IT Services staff as well as to all registered IT Support Staff. The service is subscription based with renewals being charged in August each year. IT Staff can either download the BeyondTrust Remote Support Representative Console, which is available for Windows, Mac and Linux, or use the web app. Users requesting access to the remote support tool will be required to adhere to a code of conduct.



Costs for the service are available on the Charges page.  Renewals will be charged in August each year.  Charges are levied on a cost recovery basis and are reviewed periodically.

In order to keep the administrative element of the charge to a minimum the following applies for users joining part way through the financial year:

  • Users joining in the first six months of the financial year will be charged the full annual cost, those joining in the latter half of the year will only be charged a subscription fee for subsequent financial years.
  • No refunds will be issued for part years and user licenses are non-transferrable.



IT support staff can request access by completing the BeyondTrust Remote Support Access service request

Note in order for access to be granted permission must be sought from the budget holder for the annual subscription and the account holder must agree to the code of conduct.



When using the BeyondTrust Remote Support tool, remember that the use of an individual's PC by another person, particularly when they are not physically present, requires mutual trust which must be maintained throughout the period of use.

When making use of remote support:

  • DO establish telephone contact, and maintain this contact with the user throughout the session wherever possible.
  • DO explicitly ask the customer to give permission to allow their machine to be taken over; the tool should be used only after permission has been granted.
  • DO ask the customer to close any windows containing potentially sensitive material before their machine is taken over.
  • DO inform the customer when the remote control session has been closed, and the outcome of the work performed.
How to install and run BeyondTrust Remote Support

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A Guide for Support Analysts

Note: You must adhere to the BeyondTrust Remote Support Code of Conduct.

This guide describes how to install the BeyondTrust Remote Support Representative Console on your devices so that you can initiate support sessions with end users who need assistance.

Before we are able to grant you an account, you need to complete the BeyondTrust remote support access service request

Windows, macOS or Linux

  1. In a web browser, access the BeyondTrust Remote Support Administrative Interface
  2. Login using your CONNECT credentials if you are IT Services staff, otherwise use the SAML Authentication link and your SSO credentials
  3. Select the Choose Platform drop-down, then for:
    Windows: Select Windows (x64) or Windows (x64) MSI, either should be fine.
    macOS: Select macOS
    Linux: Select Linux (x64)
  5. Run the installer you just downloaded (this may require administrative rights). Accept all default values in the installer

Android or iOS (5.0 or higher)

  1. Install the BeyondTrust Rep Console from the device's app store
  2. Open the app
  3. For Site Address, enter
  4. Enter your SSO and password when prompted

Note:  You must adhere to the BeyondTrust Remote Support Code of Conduct.

The BeyondTrust Remote Support Representative Console must be installed on your machine before you can start a remote support session. Once the installation is complete, start a remote support session from your desktop by clicking the BeyondTrust Remote Support icon.

  • If you are a member of IT Services, login using your CONNECT credentials
  • Otherwise open the Authenticate Using drop-down list and select SAML Credentials, then login using your SSO credentials:
  1. To start a new session, click on the button marked Session Key
  2. The window which appears next displays the newly generated session key: You can connect to the customer in one of two methods:
  • A web link:

Instruct the customer to go to

Provide the Session Key which is displayed on the screen.

The customer will type this when prompted and the session will begin

  • Emailing a link:

The Send button provides a drop-down list allowing you to choose where the email is set from:

Send Local Email - will open an email sending window in your default mail client. Type the customer's address in the To: field and send.

Send Server Email - will prompt for the customer's address and send an email from the server without exposing your own email address.

  • If you chose the email option to connect – the customer will receive a confirmation email:


  1. They will need to click on the link as prompted.
  2. A screen will open and the customer will need to follow the instructions.
  3. This may run a security scan for the customer, the sharing icon will briefly appear.
  4. The customer will need to Allow the following request, the share icon will show on the customer’s device.
  5. Highlight and Accept the incoming connection.
  6. You can select to view either one of the customer’s screens. Click on required screen.
  7. To end the session, click the red X. Click, End Session.

The customer will be advised of the session ending and can ignore the survey which will appear.

Note:  You must adhere to the BeyondTrust Remote Support Code of Conduct.

In order to start a remote support session from within Oxford Service Manager (OSM), the BeyondTrust Remote Support Representative Console must be installed on your machine. Once the installation is complete,

  1. Click Bomgar to start a session
  2. Confirm session start
  3. You may need to download the Bomgar .EXE file and RUN it
  4. Send an invitation email to the customer
  5. Select – LOCAL EMAIL
  6. This will open an email template. Just add the customer email address and send
  7. The customer will need to click 'Run'. This may start a security scan
  8. The customer will see a text dialog box which they will need to allow the request
  9. Once this is done, the share icon will show on the customer's device
  10. Accept the customer's incoming connection
  11. You can select either of the customer's screens to see content. Simply click on required screen.
  12. To end the session, click the red X and select End Session

To see the video or chat (text) for this session, click the Bomgar Session tab in OSM

Click the required recorded session and follow the prompts. 

Frequently asked questions

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Yes, whilst BeyondTrust Remote Support is fully integrated into the Oxford Service Manager (OSM) Service Management tool it can also be used as a standalone application.

No. In order to keep the overall costs to the university as low as possible a simple charging model has been implemented see “What are the costs for a college or department?”

No. In order to keep the overall costs to the university as low as possible a simple charging model has been implemented see “What are the costs for a college or department?”

All sessions are recorded. Security is applied so that only the system administrators can view the recordings. The infrastructure is entirely hosted by IT Services onsite and recordings are kept for 90 days.

Yes. BeyondTrust Remote Support can be used to connect to almost any device with a browser and an internet connection.

Yes. BeyondTrust Remote Support sessions will reconnect after a reboot or any other form of disconnection except in the circumstances where the end user has manually terminated the session.

Yes. To connect to a PC or laptop users will need to download and run a small, temporary application. The application can be run by non-admin users and will be removed when the session ends. Mobile device users will be prompted to install the BeyondTrust Remote Support app from the appropriate app store before initiating the session.

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