How to enable and use remote wipe for your devices

Method 1: Enable remote wipe

You need to follow the instructions for your device before it is lost, to ensure the device-based remote wipe feature is available.

Method 2: Device-based remote wipe

This provides the most secure remote wipe, if you have set it up (see Method 1).

Method 3: Outlook-based remote wipe

If you have not set up device-based remote wipe then this method can be used on devices that you have connected to your University email account. Note that this may only erase data in the Outlook app on your device (see further information below).

  1. Login to Outlook on the Web
  2. Select Settings  > General > Mobile Devices
  3. View details   for each list entry to confirm which one corresponds to the missing device
  4. Select Wipe all data  for the missing device and confirm when prompted

Further information

Remote wipe commands generally take effect with a few seconds provided that the device is turned on and has an internet connection. If the device is turned off or does not have an internet connection then the remote wipe command will be queued up for action when the device next connects.

The effect of the Outlook-based remote wipe depends on the email app that you configured on your device. If you installed and use the Outlook app on your device then only data within the Outlook app will be removed. If you use the native email app then all data on the device will be removed including contacts, photos and other files.

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