How to dispose end-of-life University IT equipment safely and responsibly


  1. If the equipment is in working order and receiving security support then you should advertise it for reuse through the University of Oxford WarpIT scheme or via ITSS channels. Remember that data sanitisation is required even if the equipment will be reused within the University. If the equipment is not suitable for redeployment or there are no takers then continue to the next steps...

  2. Contact Stone Technologies Ltd to arrange a collection date, location and logistics. You will be asked to complete and return an Asset Re-use, Recycling and Disposal Request Form

  3. Check that the Asset Transfer Note accurately records the equipment collected. This should be provided on collection of the equipment

  4. Check that the Asset Report and Data Erasure Certification are complete and cover all relevant assets. This should be provided within 28 days of collection

Further Information

Stone Technologies Ltd are a University contracted supplier, which means that there are agreed terms and conditions to ensure that all disposals meet University requirements including data protection and security considerations.

Collections should ideally include at least 25 computers / printers / monitors, but smaller collections can also be arranged. Stone are able to collect a wide range of equipment including, but not limited to:

Specific details for any collection will be established at call-off.

Data bearing media will be erased to the NIST 800-88 Purge standard or shredded to 30mm2; Mobile phones and tablets will be wiped using BLANCCO Erasure.