Using Drupal with comprehensive web hosting

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ssh to (Microsoft Windows users can download and run putty to perform this operation):

  • ssh
  • cd <site-name>/htdocs/

For this example we will install Drupal 7.


If you are not sure which version of PHP your webserver is running, you could temporarily create a php file containing:

  • <?php
  • phpinfo()
  • ?>

For full install instructions see


  • cd <site-name>/htdocs/
  • drush dl drupal-7
  • cd drupal-<number>
  • mv * .??* ..
  • cd ..
  • rm -rf drupal-<number>

You could then edit the .htaccess file to prepend some lines to restrict access to the site until it is ready to launch, e.g.:


  • <IfModule mod_authz_core.c>
  • Require ip
  • Require ip
  • Require ip
  • </IfModule>
  • <IfModule !mod_authz_core.c>
  • Order allow,deny
  • Allow from
  • Allow from
  • Allow from
  • </IfModule>

Use a web browser to visit your site, then set it up:

  • Standard or minimal number of modules pre-enabled - these can be changed later
  • English
  • Enter the database name, database username and password, then click Advanced Options and enter the database host, e.g.
  • Use a unique outgoing site email address, e.g. do-not-reply@<site-name>
  • Enter details of a maintenance account - this should have the email address of the site administrator
  • Keep in mind that by default this login page will be accessible to the whole of the internet, so passwords need to be strong
  • Create content!
  • Once the site is ready to launch, alter the .htaccess file again if needed


Put the site into maintenance mode and clear the caches:

  • cd <site-name>/htdocs/
  • drush vset --yes maintenance_mode 1
  • drush cc all

Back up the database:

  • mysqldump -u siteXXXX_YYYY -h -p database-name > ../home/name-of-file.dump

Check the drupal version:

  • drush core-status --fields="Drupal version"

Back up a couple of files that the update process will overwrite:

  • cp .htaccess ../home/
  • cp robots.txt ../home/

Update drupal core (this can take a few minutes, be patient):

  • drush up drupal

Compare the two files backed up earlier, to check that nothing important has been overwritten:

  • diff .htaccess ../home/.htaccess
  • diff robots.txt ../home/robots.txt

Take the site out of maintenance mode:

  • drush vset --yes maintenance_mode 0
  • drush cc all

(Note that the "drush-backups" folder it has created is not within the web site files or quota, it is in the user's home directory on, which is not backed up or accessible to other users)

Check that the site works, then update individual modules one at a time.

If a plugin or other code cannot be updated or is no longer supported, then consider whether it is safe to use.













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