Overview: WebLearn

Current Status

WebLearn is now end-of-life. Features were withdrawn at the end of September 2022. WebLearn is now unavailable for general use and the creation and modification of content is no longer possible and access is only available using the University VPN. The system will be fully withdrawn during 2023.

The WebLearn homepage includes the most up-to-date list of withdrawn features. IT Services will advise WebLearn users of any further changes to let them know how this will affect them.


If you are currently using WebLearn for any on-going activities, you must move this activity to an alternative platform immediately.

WebLearn is now closed for general use


What should I use instead of WebLearn?

This depends on what you are using WebLearn for. Here are the most common uses of WebLearn, with suggested alternatives:

Activity in WebLearn Alternative platform When to move?
Teaching and learning activities All new courses should be built in Canvas, or your department’s alternative virtual learning environment (VLE) Now


SharePoint Online for private intranets, Mosaic for public sites Now

File sharing

Microsoft Teams or SharePoint Online Now

Online collaboration

Microsoft Teams or SharePoint Online Now

Collaboration with non-Oxford users

Microsoft Teams or SharePoint Online Now

Training courses

Canvas for student courses or CoSy/Accessplanit for staff/researcher courses Now

Sign-ups and bookings

Canvas for teaching and learning related events, Microsoft Bookings for everything else Canvas: Available now
Microsoft Bookings: Available as a trial service

Surveys and course evaluation

JISC online surveys or Microsoft Forms for surveys.

Canvas for course evaluation


Course evaluation surveys in Canvas later this academic year

Coursework submission

Inspera Now

Secure exam paper authoring

SharePoint Online Move is complete for most departments

Oxford Examination Papers Online (Oxam) archive

To be determined Await further details

Exam results transfer

To be determined Await further details



  • Support for WebLearn is available by email to weblearn@it.ox.ac.uk
  • For colleges using WebLearn who want to move to SharePoint Online, please contact your local IT support in the first instance
  • For support switching from WebLearn to Canvas, email the Canvas team
  • For any other information about WebLearn, please contact the Education IT Programme