Chorus analogue and critical lines

Notice: Telephony replacement project

In response to BT switching off analogue lines in late 2025, the Telephony Replacement Project is currently coordinating the replacement of centrally managed analogue and critical phone lines.  In future (likely later in 2025) the project will also be reviewing the Chorus VOIP (digital line) service. For more information see the Telephony replacement project webpage.


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The Chorus telephony system is a fully IP solution, but there are sometimes requirements for departments or colleges to use analogue lines as well.

We can provide these lines which can be used for faxes, lifts, alarm diallers or just for a backup.

We have the equipment, which hosts these lines, in 21 locations strategically placed around the city. The equipment is fully survivable and backed up with a 4 hour UPS. So the lines will continue to function regardless of any local network or power failure.

On Chorus we have 2 categories of analogue lines which are critical and non-critical. These will be further explained in the tabs below.

To host an analogue line in your building you must have the copper wiring infrastructure connecting back to the Chorus equipment rooms. If you are not sure if the Chorus team will be able to advise whether the infrastructure is in place or if it can be added via some civil work.

Analogue critical lines are presented exactly the same way as non-critical lines. The difference is that if we receive a fault call on them, we have a 4 hour response time with our supplier. If they find the problem is a hardware issue they will resolve it. If the fault is proved to the copper cabling then the call will need to be passed to our cabling contractors. We do not have a formal SLA with them but for a callout fee of £290.40 plus an hourly rate of £36.30, we will call them out for the next working day. The unit or college will need to agree to pay these charges before we will call them out.


To request a critical line, please submit a Service Request to order a critical line

Analogue non-critical lines are presented exactly the same as the critical lines. The only difference is that they don't receive the same SLA in the event of a fault with them. We recommend only lines that are not mission-critical be classed as non-critical.


To request a non-critical line, please submit a Service Request to order a non-critical line.

Analogue lines incur higher charges than the standard IP phones due to the copper infrastructure which needs to be maintained.

Critical lines do not incur higher charges as they are necessary.

Non-critical lines are charged at £129 per annum.

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