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You will need to set a Chorus voicemail password in order to change your greeting or to access voicemail. To do this:  

1. Go to

2. Enter a six digit numerical password in the password fields (see note below). 

TIP: The resulting message will advise that the voicemail password will be available for use in ten minutes. If you try to use it before it is ready, you will be advised that the voicemail password is not valid, and your account will be locked after three attempts. If this happens, you can wait for 30 minutes and try again – there is no need to call the Service Desk.

Please note, voicemail in this account is personal to the user.  If the user is unavailable and cannot change their password themselves, the Chorus team can forward new voicemails to another mailbox with authorisation from the telephone co-ordinator, but are only able to extract messages with authorisation from the Head of Department or Head of House.

Non-person accounts will need to request a password change via their Phoneman administrator. You can find your admin via this link

If you have access to the web, you can access the Chorus web portal at to manage your messages.

To ring voicemail from the outside, call 01865 287000.


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1. Browse to (needs VPN) and log in with your extension number (5 digits) and your voicemail password.

2. Select ‘Personal settings’ from the left menu, then ‘Recordings’.

3. Click ‘Create’

4. Select the radio button for ‘Personal greeting’, and select Personal Alternate from the drop down list.

5. Choose Record via telephone now (or upload recording if you already have a a recording) and click Create.

6. A pop-up will ask for the number to call you on, enter your phone number if it isn't there already and click OK.

7. When the phone rings, pick it up and then click Record. After you have finished, hang up and click Save on the screen.

8. You can download the message if you wish to listen to it.


If you do not wish to have any voicemail messages, set up an announce and hang-up mailbox so that callers are not able to leave a message.

Your personal greeting should tell callers how to contact you via an alternative method.

1. Browse to (needs VPN) and log in with your ID number and PIN.

 Your ID number is your 5 digit extension number.

 Your PIN is your Chorus voicemail password.

2. Choose Time Profiles from the Personal Settings menu.

3.Tick the box 'Message recording not allowed.

4.Click Save.


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The default voicemail greeting is “The party you have called, [Recorded Name], at extension ##### can not be reached. You may leave a message or transfer to another extension. To leave a message, begin speaking at the tone, or to transfer out of Xpressions, press 0”. (Xpressions is the name of the Chorus voicemail system.)

If you want to replace the default greeting with a personally recorded greeting:

1. Lift the receiver and press Messages.

2. When prompted for your password, enter your PIN followed by #.

3. You will be presented with a series of options. To fast track to the option to record a new greeting, enter 8111. There is no need to wait for the options to be read out before entering this number.

TIP: if you hear ‘invalid selection’ after entering the number above, enter 311 and resume from step 4 below.

4. When prompted, record your greeting and press *.

5. To replay your message, press 73.

6. If you are happy, press # to end. Otherwise, to delete & rerecord your message, press 61, and resume at step 4.

7. You can now hang up.

To change voicemail settings (needs VPN)


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