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CONNECT Remote Desktop Service


The CONNECT Remote Desktop Service provides a fully managed and secure Windows desktop environment that you can access from any device, any where, any time. You can access your usual network drives (G:, H:, O: &c), a core suite of software, and can print to your home printer or to a work printer.

Your department needs to be signed up to use the service, and it costs £55/year to license each user.


If you have already completed your first-time set up then connecting is extremely simple:

  1. Activate Oxford VPN - only if you are connecting from home / over wifi
  2. Login from Windows / OS X or from Android / iOS

First-time setup

Staff need to first register for the service via a service request.   

You will need to configure your computer before you connect for the first time:

Further Information

Further information is available on the following topics:

Written by IT Services. Latest revision 1 April 2020