Remote Desktop Service Troubleshooter

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Remote Desktop Gateway server is temporarily unavailable

When logging in you get an error message: "Your computer can't connect to the remote computer because the Remote Desktop Gateway server is temporarily unavailable".

This usually indicates that you are not connected to the Oxford VPN. In most cases you simply need to connect to the Oxford VPN and connect again.

Forced log off in the early hours of the morning

You may be prompted to disconnect from your session from 4am to enable automated server maintenance. You will be given 10 minutes to save your work and disconnect. You can log back in immediately and will be connected to a different server in the pool.

Warning that the server needs to be rebooted

You can safely ignore this warning: we will take care of all updates and reboots in good time. Unfortunately there is no means to suppress this message.

I was disconnected from the remote desktop service

Your session will be disconnected automatically if no activity is detected for 1 hour. Simply login in again within 6 hours to restore your existing session. After 6 hours your session will be closed fully and unsaved work will be lost.

You may also be disconnected if network disruption prevents your computer from maintaining a connection to the remote desktop service.

Start menu looks different from my managed staff desktop

The remote desktop service uses a slightly different system to your office PC or laptop. You may notice subtle differences in the appearance of the start menu and other items, but they will function in much the same way.

I cannot run programs from my H: drive

For security reasons we prevent files on H: being executed as applications on the remote desktop service. If this application is essential to your work then please contact the Service Desk so they can help find the best way to access this application.

Desktop icons / application shortcuts don't work

Desktop icons will not work, and may not display correctly, if you have created shortcuts for applications installed on your managed staff desktop that are not available on the remote desktop service. Don't remove these icons though, as you may still need them when you next use your managed staff desktop.

Webcam and microphone not working in MS Teams

Video and audio inputs are disabled for the MS Teams app on the remote desktop service as they significantly degrade performance of the whole service. We recommend that you run MS Teams on the device that you are connecting from, either through a web browser or as an installed app.

Important applications are missing

You can request additional applications to be provided on the remote desktop service by sending us a Request For Change. We will consider requests on a case-by-case basis, and will take into account technical factors affecting compatibility and impact on other users of the service.

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