CUD affiliations - values

Current Affiliation

The units with which a user is currently affiliated is stored in CUD where this data is available.  The status of the user with the unit is not stored.  This attribute is multi-valued and stores units codes provided from data sources, and also mappings of these to common acronyms and names.

From the following table, “Code in source”, “Mapped to acronym” and “Mapped to name” are all stored in CUD, so any can be used for searching.


Affiliation Mappings (this table is still being updated)

Source Code in source Mapped to acronym Mapped to name
University Card 66 africa African Studies
University Card 64 ageing Ageing
University Card KD alumni Alumni
University Card HA anaes Anaesthetics
University Card AA socanth Anthropology
University Card AE socanth Anthropology
University Card EB archinst Archaeology
University Card EC archres Archaeology Research
University Card 68 area Area Studies
University Card ED ashmus Ashmolean Museum
University Card JE ashmus Ashmolean Museum
University Card DB astro Astrophysics
University Card DC atmos Atmospheric Physics
University Card 60 begbroke Begbroke Science Park
University Card AL bioch Biochemistry
University Card BM biomed Biomedical Services
University Card FB bodlib Bodleian Library
University Card FN bodlib Bodleian Library
University Card FS bodlib Bodleian Library
University Card WA bodlib Bodleian Library
University Card GC botan Botanic Garden
University Card 61 compas COMPAS
University Card HS cardio Cardiovascular Medicine
University Card GB career Careers Service
University Card 65 chem Chemistry
University Card DM chem Chemistry
University Card DQ chem Chemistry
University Card G4 chinalib Chinese Library
University Card MY chinese Chinese Studies
University Card BE classics Classics
University Card H4 clinlab Clin. Lab. Sciences
University Card HG clinlab Clin. Lab. Sciences
University Card HM clneuro Clinical Neurology
University Card HD clpharm Clinical Pharmacology
University Card HV ctsu Clinical Trial Service
University Card BL comlab Computer Science
University Card DK conden Condensed Matter Physics
University Card F1 contlib Cont Ed Library
University Card EQ conted Continuing Education
University Card GT counsel Counselling Service
University Card JG crim Criminology
University Card KR devoff Development Office
University Card HT dtu Diabetes Trials Unit
University Card DD dtc Doctoral Training (MPLS)
University Card DG earth Earth Sciences
University Card DP earth Earth Sciences
University Card CU econ Economics
University Card EP education Education
University Card F9 educlib Education Library
University Card VU ouam Endowment Management
University Card DF engsci Engineering Science
University Card AX engfac English
University Card AC ouce Environment
University Card AF envch Environmental Change
University Card JW survey Estates Directorate
University Card GE exams Examination Schools
University Card G9 expsylib Exp Psychology Library
University Card CQ expsych Experimental Psychology
University Card D6 glam GLAM
University Card G5 rothlib Harmsworth Library
University Card CD histfac History
University Card FE histlib History Library
University Card ES arthist History of Art
University Card JJ histmed History of Medicine
University Card ET histmus History of Science
University Card ME humsci Human Sciences
University Card D5 humdiv Humanities Division
University Card DH inorg Inorganic Chemistry
University Card VY isis Isis Innovation
University Card E2 itserv IT Services
University Card FW japanlib Japanese Library
University Card HC vaccine Jenner Institute
University Card VA langteach Language Centre
University Card MC latcent Latin American Centre
University Card GJ laclib Latin American Library
University Card BA law Law
University Card FV lawlib Law Library
University Card JA linguist Linguistics Philology
University Card HP ludwig Ludwig Institute
University Card DJ mat Materials
University Card BJ maths Maths
University Card BK maths Maths
University Card D4 mpls Maths Physics Life Division
University Card 44 msdit Medical Sciences Division IT Services
University Card BR medsci Medical Sciences Office
University Card D2 medsci Medical Sciences Office
University Card JK medsci Medical Sciences Office
University Card 57 mstc Medical Sciences Teaching Centre
University Card CA modlang Modern Languages
University Card H8 molmed Molecular Medicine
University Card CG music Music
University Card CH music Music
University Card FG musiclib Music Library
University Card BH clmed NDM
University Card BN clmed NDM
University Card BS clmed NDM
University Card HB clmed NDM
University Card HI clmed NDM
University Card 69 ocdem OCDEM
University Card HE obst Obstetrics/Gynaecology
University Card GX ohs Occupational Health Service
University Card 70 oerc OeRC
University Card BP oncology Oncology
University Card BU ophth Ophthalmology
University Card CK orient Oriental Institute
University Card CL orient Oriental Institute
University Card JH orient Oriental Institute
University Card F4 orinslib Oriental Library
University Card LA oxman Oxford Man
University Card HN paed Paediatrics
University Card DL particle Particle Physics
University Card BV path Pathology
University Card HW npeu Perinatal Epidemiology
University Card BW pharm Pharmacology
University Card BG philfac Philosophy
University Card BF phillib Philosophy Library
University Card F3 phillib Philosophy Library
University Card VQ phone Phonetics
University Card DN ptchem Physical/Theoretical Chemistry
University Card DE physics Physics
University Card AV dpag Physiology and Anatomy
University Card AB pitt Pitt Rivers
University Card AP plant Plant Sciences
University Card CT politics Politics
University Card 3 proctors Proctors' Office
University Card GL proctors Proctors' Office
University Card HQ psych Psychiatry
University Card BY pubhealth Public Health (Admin)
University Card EM qeh Queen Elizabeth House
University Card VG qeh Queen Elizabeth House
University Card F7 radlib Radcliffe Science Library
University Card FP radlib Radcliffe Science Library
University Card 71 rob Radiation Oncology
University Card GP rusksch Ruskin School
University Card GY safety Safety Office
University Card 23 manstud Said Business School
University Card 39 manstud Said Business School
University Card 520 manstud Said Business School
University Card FU sbslib Said Business School Library
University Card VM sbsltd Said Business School Ltd
University Card GH sheld Sheldonian Theatre
University Card D3 socsci Social Sciences Division
University Card CX socleg Socio-Legal Studies
University Card GD sport Sport
University Card GS scro St Cross
University Card 72 csm Statistical Medicine
University Card AM stats Statistics
University Card 63 sgc Structural Genomics
University Card VC ousu Student Union
University Card HJ surg Surgical Sciences
University Card AJ tdi Target Discovery Institute
University Card KT tss Temporary Staffing Service
University Card DX theofac Theology
University Card FL theolib Theology Library
University Card DR thphys Theoretical Physics
University Card JQ trans Transport Studies
University Card B9 tropical Tropical Medicine
University Card GQ archive University Archives
University Card GM univclub University Club
University Card EW univmus University Museum
University Card 1 offices University Offices
University Card 2 offices University Offices
University Card 67 offices University Offices
University Card EZ offices University Offices
University Card GA offices University Offices
University Card GG offices University Offices
University Card GK offices University Offices
University Card JL offices University Offices
University Card JR offices University Offices
University Card JS offices University Offices
University Card JT offices University Offices
University Card JU offices University Offices
University Card JV offices University Offices
University Card JX offices University Offices
University Card JY offices University Offices
University Card KA offices University Offices
University Card KP offices University Offices
University Card NV offices University Offices
University Card SZ offices University Offices
University Card AR vet Veterinary Services
University Card VF voltaire Voltaire Foundation
University Card 62 humgen Wellcome Genetics
University Card AT zoo Zoology
University Card AU zoo Zoology
University Card G6 zoolib Zoology Library
University Card ALL-S alls All Souls
University Card BALL ball Balliol
University Card BLACKF blac Blackfriars
University Card BNC bras Brasenose
University Card CAMP camp Campion Hall
University Card CH-CH chri Christ Church
University Card CCC corp Corpus Christi
University Card EXETER exet Exeter
University Card GRTE grte Green Templeton
University Card H-MAN manc Harris Manchester
University Card HERT hert Hertford
University Card JESUS jesu Jesus
University Card KEBLE kebl Keble
University Card KELL kell Kellogg
University Card LMH lady Lady Margaret Hall
University Card LINA lina Linacre
University Card LINC linc Lincoln
University Card MAGD magd Magdalen
University Card MANS mans Mansfield
University Card MERT mert Merton
University Card NEW newc New
University Card NUFF nuff Nuffield
University Card ORIEL orie Oriel
University Card PEMB pemb Pembroke
University Card QUEENS quee Queen's
University Card REGENT rege Regent's Park
University Card SOMER some Somerville
University Card S-ANNE sann St Anne's
University Card S-ANT sant St Antony's
University Card S-BEN sben St Benet's Hall
University Card S-CATS scat St Catherine's
University Card S-CR scro St Cross
University Card SEH sedm St Edmund Hall
University Card S-HIL shil St Hilda's
University Card S-HUGH shug St Hugh's
University Card S-JOHN sjoh St John's
University Card S-PET spet St Peter's
University Card S-STE sste St Stephen's House
University Card TRIN trin Trinity
University Card UNIV univ University
University Card WADH wadm Wadham
University Card WOLF wolf Wolfson
University Card WORC worc Worcester
University Card WYCL wycl Wycliffe Hall
OpenDoor 66 africa African Studies
OpenDoor 64 ageing Ageing
OpenDoor KD alumni Alumni
OpenDoor HA anaes Anaesthetics
OpenDoor AA socanth Anthropology
OpenDoor AE socanth Anthropology
OpenDoor EB archinst Archaeology
OpenDoor EC archres Archaeology Research
OpenDoor 68 area Area Studies
OpenDoor ED ashmus Ashmolean Museum
OpenDoor JE ashmus Ashmolean Museum
OpenDoor DB astro Astrophysics
OpenDoor DC atmos Atmospheric Physics
OpenDoor 60 begbroke Begbroke Science Park
OpenDoor AL bioch Biochemistry
OpenDoor BM biomed Biomedical Services
OpenDoor FB bodlib Bodleian Library
OpenDoor FN bodlib Bodleian Library
OpenDoor FS bodlib Bodleian Library
OpenDoor WA bodlib Bodleian Library
OpenDoor GC botan Botanic Garden
OpenDoor 61 compas COMPAS
OpenDoor HS cardio Cardiovascular Medicine
OpenDoor GB career Careers Service
OpenDoor 65 chem Chemistry
OpenDoor DM chem Chemistry
OpenDoor DQ chem Chemistry
OpenDoor G4 chinalib Chinese Library
OpenDoor MY chinese Chinese Studies
OpenDoor BE classics Classics
OpenDoor H4 clinlab Clin. Lab. Sciences
OpenDoor HG clinlab Clin. Lab. Sciences
OpenDoor HM clneuro Clinical Neurology
OpenDoor HD clpharm Clinical Pharmacology
OpenDoor HV ctsu Clinical Trial Service
OpenDoor BL comlab Computer Science
OpenDoor EN oucs Computing Services
OpenDoor DK conden Condensed Matter Physics
OpenDoor F1 contlib Cont Ed Library
OpenDoor EQ conted Continuing Education
OpenDoor GT counsel Counselling Service
OpenDoor JG crim Criminology
OpenDoor KR devoff Development Office
OpenDoor HT dtu Diabetes Trials Unit
OpenDoor DD dtc Doctoral Training (MPLS)
OpenDoor DG earth Earth Sciences
OpenDoor DP earth Earth Sciences
OpenDoor CU econ Economics
OpenDoor EP education Education
OpenDoor F9 educlib Education Library
OpenDoor VU ouam Endowment Management
OpenDoor DF engsci Engineering Science
OpenDoor AX engfac English
OpenDoor AC ouce Environment
OpenDoor AF envch Environmental Change
OpenDoor JW survey Estates Directorate
OpenDoor GE exams Examination Schools
OpenDoor G9 expsylib Exp Psychology Library
OpenDoor CQ expsych Experimental Psychology
OpenDoor G5 rothlib Harmsworth Library
OpenDoor CD histfac History
OpenDoor FE histlib History Library
OpenDoor ES arthist History of Art
OpenDoor JJ histmed History of Medicine
OpenDoor ET histmus History of Science
OpenDoor ME humsci Human Sciences
OpenDoor D5 humdiv Humanities Division
OpenDoor ER ict ICT Support Team
OpenDoor DH inorg Inorganic Chemistry
OpenDoor VY isis Isis Innovation
OpenDoor FW japanlib Japanese Library
OpenDoor HC vaccine Jenner Institute
OpenDoor VA langteach Language Centre
OpenDoor MC latcent Latin American Centre
OpenDoor GJ laclib Latin American Library
OpenDoor BA law Law
OpenDoor FV lawlib Law Library
OpenDoor JA linguist Linguistics Philology
OpenDoor HP ludwig Ludwig Institute
OpenDoor DJ mat Materials
OpenDoor BJ maths Maths
OpenDoor BK maths Maths
OpenDoor D4 mpls Maths Physics Life Division
OpenDoor BR medsci Medical Sciences Office
OpenDoor D2 medsci Medical Sciences Office
OpenDoor JK medsci Medical Sciences Office
OpenDoor CA modlang Modern Languages
OpenDoor H8 molmed Molecular Medicine
OpenDoor CG music Music
OpenDoor CH music Music
OpenDoor FG musiclib Music Library
OpenDoor BH clmed NDM
OpenDoor BN clmed NDM
OpenDoor BS clmed NDM
OpenDoor HB clmed NDM
OpenDoor HI clmed NDM
OpenDoor 69 ocdem OCDEM
OpenDoor HE obst Obstetrics/Gynaecology
OpenDoor GX ohs Occupational Health Service
OpenDoor 70 oerc OeRC
OpenDoor BP oncology Oncology
OpenDoor BU ophth Ophthalmology
OpenDoor CK orient Oriental Institute
OpenDoor CL orient Oriental Institute
OpenDoor JH orient Oriental Institute
OpenDoor F4 orinslib Oriental Library
OpenDoor LA oxman Oxford Man
OpenDoor HN paed Paediatrics
OpenDoor DL particle Particle Physics
OpenDoor BV path Pathology
OpenDoor HW npeu Perinatal Epidemiology
OpenDoor BW pharm Pharmacology
OpenDoor BG philfac Philosophy
OpenDoor BF phillib Philosophy Library
OpenDoor F3 phillib Philosophy Library
OpenDoor VQ phone Phonetics
OpenDoor DN ptchem Physical/Theoretical Chemistry
OpenDoor DE physics Physics
OpenDoor AV dpag Physiology and Anatomy
OpenDoor AB pitt Pitt Rivers
OpenDoor AP plant Plant Sciences
OpenDoor CT politics Politics
OpenDoor 3 proctors Proctors' Office
OpenDoor GL proctors Proctors' Office
OpenDoor HQ psych Psychiatry
OpenDoor BY pubhealth Public Health (Admin)
OpenDoor EM qeh Queen Elizabeth House
OpenDoor VG qeh Queen Elizabeth House
OpenDoor F7 radlib Radcliffe Science Library
OpenDoor FP radlib Radcliffe Science Library
OpenDoor 71 rob Radiation Oncology
OpenDoor GP rusksch Ruskin School
OpenDoor GY safety Safety Office
OpenDoor 23 manstud Said Business School
OpenDoor 39 manstud Said Business School
OpenDoor 520 manstud Said Business School
OpenDoor FU sbslib Said Business School Library
OpenDoor VM sbsltd Said Business School Ltd
OpenDoor GH sheld Sheldonian Theatre
OpenDoor D3 socsci Social Sciences Division
OpenDoor CX socleg Socio-Legal Studies
OpenDoor GD sport Sport
OpenDoor GS scro St Cross
OpenDoor 72 csm Statistical Medicine
OpenDoor AM stats Statistics
OpenDoor 63 sgc Structural Genomics
OpenDoor VC ousu Student Union
OpenDoor HJ surg Surgical Sciences
OpenDoor AJ tdi Target Discovery Institute
OpenDoor DX theofac Theology
OpenDoor FL theolib Theology Library
OpenDoor DR thphys Theoretical Physics
OpenDoor JQ trans Transport Studies
OpenDoor B9 tropical Tropical Medicine
OpenDoor GQ archive University Archives
OpenDoor GM univclub University Club
OpenDoor EW univmus University Museum
OpenDoor 1 offices University Offices
OpenDoor 2 offices University Offices
OpenDoor 67 offices University Offices
OpenDoor EZ offices University Offices
OpenDoor GA offices University Offices
OpenDoor GG offices University Offices
OpenDoor GK offices University Offices
OpenDoor JL offices University Offices
OpenDoor JR offices University Offices
OpenDoor JS offices University Offices
OpenDoor JT offices University Offices
OpenDoor JU offices University Offices
OpenDoor JV offices University Offices
OpenDoor JX offices University Offices
OpenDoor JY offices University Offices
OpenDoor KA offices University Offices
OpenDoor KP offices University Offices
OpenDoor NV offices University Offices
OpenDoor SZ offices University Offices
OpenDoor AR vet Veterinary Services
OpenDoor VF voltaire Voltaire Foundation
OpenDoor 62 humgen Wellcome Genetics
OpenDoor AT zoo Zoology
OpenDoor AU zoo Zoology
OpenDoor G6 zoolib Zoology Library
IT Services Registration africa africa African Studies
IT Services Registration ageing ageing Ageing
IT Services Registration alumni alumni Alumni
IT Services Registration anaes anaes Anaesthetics
IT Services Registration socanth socanth Anthropology
IT Services Registration archinst archinst Archaeology
IT Services Registration archres archres Archaeology Research
IT Services Registration area area Area Studies
IT Services Registration ashmus ashmus Ashmolean Museum
IT Services Registration astro astro Astrophysics
IT Services Registration atmos atmos Atmospheric Physics
IT Services Registration begbroke begbroke Begbroke Science Park
IT Services Registration bioch bioch Biochemistry
IT Services Registration biomed biomed Biomedical Services
IT Services Registration bodlib bodlib Bodleian Library
IT Services Registration botan botan Botanic Garden
IT Services Registration compas compas COMPAS
IT Services Registration cardio cardio Cardiovascular Medicine
IT Services Registration career career Careers Service
IT Services Registration chem chem Chemistry
IT Services Registration chinalib chinalib Chinese Library
IT Services Registration chinese chinese Chinese Studies
IT Services Registration classics classics Classics
IT Services Registration clinlab clinlab Clin. Lab. Sciences
IT Services Registration clneuro clneuro Clinical Neurology
IT Services Registration clpharm clpharm Clinical Pharmacology
IT Services Registration ctsu ctsu Clinical Trial Service
IT Services Registration comlab comlab Computer Science
IT Services Registration oucs oucs Computing Services
IT Services Registration conden conden Condensed Matter Physics
IT Services Registration contlib contlib Cont Ed Library
IT Services Registration conted conted Continuing Education
IT Services Registration counsel counsel Counselling Service
IT Services Registration crim crim Criminology
IT Services Registration devoff devoff Development Office
IT Services Registration dtu dtu Diabetes Trials Unit
IT Services Registration dtc dtc Doctoral Training (MPLS)
IT Services Registration earth earth Earth Sciences
IT Services Registration econ econ Economics
IT Services Registration education education Education
IT Services Registration educlib educlib Education Library
IT Services Registration ouam ouam Endowment Management
IT Services Registration engsci engsci Engineering Science
IT Services Registration engfac engfac English
IT Services Registration ouce ouce Environment
IT Services Registration envch envch Environmental Change
IT Services Registration survey survey Estates Directorate
IT Services Registration exams exams Examination Schools
IT Services Registration expsylib expsylib Exp Psychology Library
IT Services Registration expsych expsych Experimental Psychology
IT Services Registration rothlib rothlib Harmsworth Library
IT Services Registration histfac histfac History
IT Services Registration histlib histlib History Library
IT Services Registration arthist arthist History of Art
IT Services Registration histmed histmed History of Medicine
IT Services Registration histmus histmus History of Science
IT Services Registration humsci humsci Human Sciences
IT Services Registration humdiv humdiv Humanities Division
IT Services Registration inorg inorg Inorganic Chemistry
IT Services Registration isis isis Isis Innovation
IT Services Registration itserv itserv IT Services
IT Services Registration japanlib japanlib Japanese Library
IT Services Registration vaccine vaccine Jenner Institute
IT Services Registration langteach langteach Language Centre
IT Services Registration latcent latcent Latin American Centre
IT Services Registration laclib laclib Latin American Library
IT Services Registration law law Law
IT Services Registration lawlib lawlib Law Library
IT Services Registration linguist linguist Linguistics Philology
IT Services Registration ludwig ludwig Ludwig Institute
IT Services Registration mat mat Materials
IT Services Registration maths maths Maths
IT Services Registration mpls mpls Maths Physics Life Division
IT Services Registration medsci medsci Medical Sciences Office
IT Services Registration modlang modlang Modern Languages
IT Services Registration molmed molmed Molecular Medicine
IT Services Registration music music Music
IT Services Registration musiclib musiclib Music Library
IT Services Registration clmed clmed NDM
IT Services Registration ocdem ocdem OCDEM
IT Services Registration obst obst Obstetrics/Gynaecology
IT Services Registration ohs ohs Occupational Health Service
IT Services Registration oerc oerc OeRC
IT Services Registration oncology oncology Oncology
IT Services Registration ophth ophth Ophthalmology
IT Services Registration orient orient Oriental Institute
IT Services Registration orinslib orinslib Oriental Library
IT Services Registration oxman oxman Oxford Man
IT Services Registration paed paed Paediatrics
IT Services Registration particle particle Particle Physics
IT Services Registration path path Pathology
IT Services Registration npeu npeu Perinatal Epidemiology
IT Services Registration pharm pharm Pharmacology
IT Services Registration philfac philfac Philosophy
IT Services Registration phillib phillib Philosophy Library
IT Services Registration phone phone Phonetics
IT Services Registration ptchem ptchem Physical/Theoretical Chemistry
IT Services Registration physics physics Physics
IT Services Registration dpag dpag Physiology and Anatomy
IT Services Registration pitt pitt Pitt Rivers
IT Services Registration plant plant Plant Sciences
IT Services Registration politics politics Politics
IT Services Registration proctors proctors Proctors' Office
IT Services Registration psych psych Psychiatry
IT Services Registration pubhealth pubhealth Public Health (Admin)
IT Services Registration qeh qeh Queen Elizabeth House
IT Services Registration radlib radlib Radcliffe Science Library
IT Services Registration rob rob Radiation Oncology
IT Services Registration rusksch rusksch Ruskin School
IT Services Registration safety safety Safety Office
IT Services Registration manstud manstud Said Business School
IT Services Registration sbslib sbslib Said Business School Library
IT Services Registration sbsltd sbsltd Said Business School Ltd
IT Services Registration sheld sheld Sheldonian Theatre
IT Services Registration socsci socsci Social Sciences Division
IT Services Registration socleg socleg Socio-Legal Studies
IT Services Registration sport sport Sport
IT Services Registration csm csm Statistical Medicine
IT Services Registration stats stats Statistics
IT Services Registration sgc sgc Structural Genomics
IT Services Registration ousu ousu Student Union
IT Services Registration surg surg Surgical Sciences
IT Services Registration theofac theofac Theology
IT Services Registration theolib theolib Theology Library
IT Services Registration thphys thphys Theoretical Physics
IT Services Registration trans trans Transport Studies
IT Services Registration tropical tropical Tropical Medicine
IT Services Registration archive archive University Archives
IT Services Registration univclub univclub University Club
IT Services Registration univmus univmus University Museum
IT Services Registration offices offices University Offices
IT Services Registration vet vet Veterinary Services
IT Services Registration voltaire voltaire Voltaire Foundation
IT Services Registration humgen humgen Wellcome Genetics
IT Services Registration zoo zoo Zoology
IT Services Registration zoolib zoolib Zoology Library
IT Services Registration alls alls All Souls
IT Services Registration ball ball Balliol
IT Services Registration blac blac Blackfriars
IT Services Registration bras bras Brasenose
IT Services Registration camp camp Campion Hall
IT Services Registration chri chri Christ Church
IT Services Registration corp corp Corpus Christi
IT Services Registration exet exet Exeter
IT Services Registration grte grte Green Templeton
IT Services Registration manc manc Harris Manchester
IT Services Registration hert hert Hertford
IT Services Registration jesu jesu Jesus
IT Services Registration kebl kebl Keble
IT Services Registration kell kell Kellogg
IT Services Registration lady lady Lady Margaret Hall
IT Services Registration lina lina Linacre
IT Services Registration linc linc Lincoln
IT Services Registration magd magd Magdalen
IT Services Registration mans mans Mansfield
IT Services Registration mert mert Merton
IT Services Registration newc newc New
IT Services Registration nuff nuff Nuffield
IT Services Registration orie orie Oriel
IT Services Registration pemb pemb Pembroke
IT Services Registration quee quee Queen's
IT Services Registration rege rege Regent's Park
IT Services Registration some some Somerville
IT Services Registration sann sann St Anne's
IT Services Registration sant sant St Antony's
IT Services Registration sben sben St Benet's Hall
IT Services Registration scat scat St Catherine's
IT Services Registration scro scro St Cross
IT Services Registration sedm sedm St Edmund Hall
IT Services Registration shil shil St Hilda's
IT Services Registration shug shug St Hugh's
IT Services Registration sjoh sjoh St John's
IT Services Registration spet spet St Peter's
IT Services Registration sste sste St Stephen's House
IT Services Registration trin trin Trinity
IT Services Registration univ univ University
IT Services Registration wadm wadm Wadham
IT Services Registration wolf wolf Wolfson
IT Services Registration worc worc Worcester
IT Services Registration wycl wycl Wycliffe Hall


Scoped Affiliation

The status and unit with which a user is currently affiliated, together with the start date, end date and source is stored in this attribute where this data is available.  This attribute will include previous and current affiliations.  Previous affiliations will be stored with an end date.  The codes are similar to those described for Current Affiliation, and the status is defined by the source.  Currently the status is coarse-grained and should be treated as such.  A single scoped affiliation will appear twice in this attribute when formatted in “flat” format:

  • <status>@<unit>
  • <status>@<unit>;<start date>;<end date>;<source>

If a value is not available it will be left blank but the delimiter will still be present.

In structured format the values are held is a data structure with status, unit, start data, end date and source stored separately within an object representing the affiliation.  See Appendix B of CUD UI Simple Searching for more details on this.

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