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The CUD attribute set (CAS) comprises a list of attributes which are available, by default, to all registered users of CUD for all person records in CUD.  Some attributes in the CAS are consolidated values from multiple sources, others are single values taken from a single source.  Consolidated values are established by "data democracy": the most popular value presented by the underlying sources is selected, with tie-breaks settled randomly.  The values used for this may be obtained from the CUD UI by downloading the results as XML with the "Use structured data format" box ticked.

The default available attributes also include the foreign keys from the source systems, i.e. the unique ID values in those systems.


Name Source/owner Consolidated from
cud:cas:cudid CUD  
cud:cas:barcode Card office  
cud:cas:barcode7 Card office  
cud:cas:external_tel Telecoms  
cud:cas:firstname   cud:derived:uas_universitycard:firstname
cud:cas:fullname   cud:derived:uas_universitycard:fullname
cud:cas:internal_tel Telecoms  
cud:cas:known_as   (cud:derived:oucs_registration_email:preferredname)
cud:cas:lastname   cud:uas_universitycard:famnam
cud:cas:middlenames   cud:uas_hris:middlename
cud:cas:olis_number Libraries  
cud:cas:oxford_email OUCS Registration  
cud:cas:sso_username OUCS Registration  
cud:cas:suffix SITS cud:uas_sits:suffix
cud:cas:title   cud:uas_university_card:title
cud:cas:university_card_status Card office  
cud:cas:university_card_type Card office  
cud:cas:orcid_id OUCS Registration  
cud:fk:bodleian_record_number Libraries  
cud:fk:hris_staff_number HRIS  
cud:fk:oak_person_id Oak LDAP  
cud:fk:oak_primary_person_id Oak LDAP  
cud:fk:opendoor_staff_number HR  
cud:fk:oss_student_number OSS *  
cud:fk:oucs_pcode OUCS Registration  
cud:fk:telecom_id Telecoms  
cud:fk:university_card_sysis Card office  
cud:fk:sits_student_code SITS *  


* SITS provides the foreign key attribute (and data) for students. The OSS foreign key attribute is historic and remains unchanged from as it was on 19 December 2014.

Continuing students have the same value for SITS Student Code as it was for OSS Student Number.

Additional attributes, not included in the CAS, are available on application. You must have a good reason for using additional attributes, access to which will be considered in consultation with the data owner. 

Requests for access to SITS attributes (those within the "cud:uas_sits:" namespace) will need to be approved by the local information custodian. 

Additional Attributes

The following table shows additional consolidated attributes:

Name Consolidated from
cud:consolidated:external_email cud:bodleian_readers:email, cud:uas_sits:alt_email
cud:consolidated:dob cud:uas_universitycard:dob, cud:uas_hris:dob, cud:bodleian_readers:dateofbirth, cud:dars:dob, cud:uas_sits:dob
cud:consolidated:universitycard_sub_category cud:uas:universitycard_sub_category, cud:uas_sits:oss_code [1]
cud:consolidated:universitycard_sub_category_expanded cud:uas:universitycard_sub_category_expanded
cud:consolidated:pronouns cud:derived:uas_sits:pronouns


All attributes

The following table shows all attributes, their source and whether they are included in the CAS (default set).

Attribute name Source of data In CAS Example/Format/List of values Description
cud:fk:universitycard_sysis Card Office Y 1234567 Primary key of Card System
cud:uas_universitycard:student_id Card Office   123456 The person's SITS Student Code (if applicable)
cud:uas_universitycard:staff_id Card Office   1234567 The person's STAFF number, (if applicable)
cud:uas_universitycard:title Card Office Y (consolidated) Mr, Ms,Mrs,Dr Title
cud:uas_universitycard:fullpernam Card Office Y (consolidated) William Alfred Oscar Budd-DoubleBarrel All personal names and surname
cud:derived:uas_universitycard:firstname Card Office Y (consolidated) William First name
cud:derived:uas_universitycard:fullname Card Office Y (consolidated) William Alfred Oscar Budd-DoubleBarrel All personal names and surname
cud:derived:uas_universitycard:middlenames Card Office Y (consolidated) Alfred Oscar Middle names
cud:uas_universitycard:famnam Card Office Y (consolidated) Budd-DoubleBarrel Surname, family name
cud:uas_universitycard:known_as Card Office Y (consolidated) Billy Known-as
cud:uas_universitycard:dob Card Office   19990731 date of birth
cud:cas:universitycard_status Card Office Y UC See list below
cud:cas:universitycard_type Card Office Y one of AV,CB,CL,CS,DS,FR.FS,GR,GT,MC,PT,UG,US,VA,VR,VX (see below for key) See list below
cud:uas:universitycard_sub_category Card Office   E2 2-character code of department
cud:uas:universitycard_sub_category_mapped Card Office   E2 Dept code received from card mapped to OUCS code
cud:cas:barcode Card Office Y 7654321X Card barcode plus check digit
cud:derived:uas_universitycard:barcode7 Card Office Y 7654321 Card barcode without check digit
cud:uas:universitycard_comp_date Card Office   20150930 Card finish date, format: yyyymmdd
cud:uas:universitycard_start_date Card Office   20140921 Card start date, format: yyyymmdd
cud:uas:universitycard_college_expanded Card Office   sant, newc, chri, etc. 4-letter code of college
cud:uas:universitycard_college_expanded_name Card Office   St Antony's, New, Christ Church, etc. Full name of college
cud:uas:universitycard_last_printed_date Card Office   20140921 When current card was printed, format: yyyymmdd
cud:uas:universitycard_number_cards_issued Card Office   2 The number of times the person's card has been printed
cud:uas:universitycard_mifare_id Card Office N but available to ITSS 801F56217C0422 Chip number (pseudo-reversed. Why? It's complicated)
cud:uas:universitycard_paxton_id Card Office   87654321  
cud:derived:uas_universitycard:isoiec_14443_uid Card Office N but available to ITSS 22047C21561F80 Chip number
cud:uas:universitycard_sub_category_expanded Card Office   itserv Registration's code for unit
cud:uas:universitycard_sub_category_expanded_name Card Office   IT Services Full name of Unit
cud:uas:universitycard_college_expanded Card Office   sant Registration's 4-letter code for college
cud:uas:universitycard_college_expanded_name Card Office   St Antony's Full name of college
cud:uas:universitycard_card_type_expanded Card Office   senmem Registration's code for card type (different from description)
cud:fk:bodleian_record_number Libraries Y 5463231 Foreign key
cud:bodleian_readers:title Libraries   Mr Title
cud:bodleian_readers:given_names Libraries   William First names
cud:bodleian_readers:family_name Libraries   Budd Surname, family name
cud:cas:olis_number Libraries Y 3456789G Bodleian Card's barcode number with check digit
cud:bodleian_readers:dateofbirth Libraries   19990731 Date of birth, format: yyyymmdd
cud:bodleian_readers:email Libraries Email address
cud:derived:bodleian_readers:firstname Libraries   William First name
cud:derived:bodleian_readers:fullname Libraries   William Alfred Oscar Budd All forenames and surname
cud:derived:bodleian_readers:middlenames Libraries   Alfred Oscar Middle names
cud:bodleian_readers:mifare_id Libraries   807CD216735605 Chip number (pseudo-reversed)
cud:derived:bodleian_readers:isoiec_14443_uid Libraries   05567316D27C80 Chip number
cud:bodleian_readers:start_date Libraries   20150430 Card's start date, format yyyymmdd
cud:bodleian_readers:expiry_date Libraries   20160430 Card's finish date, format yyyymmdd
cud:bodleian_readers:bodleian_category Libraries   HR  
cud:bodleian_readers:subject_of_study Libraries   Fine art and music Subject/Programme of study, if applicable
cud:bodleian_readers:friends Libraries   No/Yes A 'friend' of the Bodleian
cud:bodleian_readers:contact Libraries   No/Yes Permission to contact
cud:bodleian_readers:hcl_code Libraries   ES OUH role category
cud:bodleian_readers:address1_line1 Libraries   Department of Music First line of address
cud:bodleian_readers:address1_line2 Libraries   High Street Second line of address
cud:bodleian_readers:address1_line3 Libraries   Aldeburgh Third line of address
cud:bodleian_readers:address1_line4 Libraries     Fourth line of address
cud:bodleian_readers:address1_line5 Libraries   AL9 9XX Fifth line of address
cud:bodleian_readers:address1_type Libraries   Institutional Address Address Type (e.g. Home, Institutional)
cud:bodleian_readers:address1_default Libraries   True Is this the address to use?
cud:bodleian_readers:address1_expiry Libraries   31 Dec 2016 Address is valid until...
cud:bodleian_readers:address2_line1 Libraries   5252 Home Street Second Address for reader (can be blank)
cud:bodleian_readers:address2_line2 Libraries   Homesville Same fields as for first address
cud:bodleian_readers:address2_line3 Libraries   Arkansas, USA  
cud:bodleian_readers:address2_line4 Libraries      
cud:bodleian_readers:address2_line5 Libraries      
cud:bodleian_readers:address2_type Libraries   Home Address  
cud:bodleian_readers:address2_default Libraries   False  
cud:bodleian_readers:address2_expiry Libraries      
(Same attributes repeated for Address3 if there is one) Libraries     Third address for reader (can be blank) with same fields as previous
(Same attributes repeated for Address 4 if there is one) Libraries     Fourth address for reader (can be blank) with same fields as previous
(Same attributes repeated for Address 5 if there is one) Libraries     Fifth address for reader (can be blank) with same fields as previous
cud:cas:oxford_email OUCS Registration Y Primary email address of associated with person record
cud:cas:sso_username OUCS Registration Y unit1234 Oxford single-sign-on username
cud:cas:orcid_id OUCS Registration Y number Foreign key value
cud:fk:oucs_pcode OUCS Registration Y number Primary key in Registration database
cud:oucs:reg_comp_date OUCS Registration   format: yyyymmdd Completion date
cud:oucs:reg_displayname_first OUCS Registration   William Display first name associated with the email address
cud:oucs:reg_displayname_last OUCS Registration   Budd Display last name associated with the email address
cud:oucs:reg_openscape_id OUCS Registration   unit1234-sip The Chorus username
cud:oucs:reg_openscape_status OUCS Registration   ACTIVE, INACTIVE The status of the Chorus username
cud:oucs:reg_email_addresses OUCS Registration     Array of Oxford email addresses
cud:oucs:reg_routings OUCS Registration     Array of email routings
cud:oucs:reg_affiliations OUCS Registration     Array of affiliations
cud:derived:oucs_registration_email:preferredname OUCS Registration     Preferred name derived from email local part
cud:fk:telecom_id Telecoms Y 91299129 Telecoms primary key
cud:cas:external_tel Telecoms Y 01865 212345 from cud:itserv_telecom:external_tel
cud:cas:internal_tel Telecoms Y 12345 from cud:itserv_telecom:internal_tel
cud:itserv_telecom:telecom_id Telecoms   91299129 Telecoms primary key
cud:itserv_telecom:external_tel Telecoms   01865 212345 Number external to main University phone system, populated if it exists
cud:itserv_telecom:external_tel_e164 Telecoms   +44 1865 212345 Number external to main University phone system, populated if it exists with E.164 international format
cud:itserv_telecom:internal_tel Telecoms   12345 Internal extension of phone, populated if it exists
cud:itserv_telecom:contact_search_external_tel Telecoms   01865 212345 Populated if Contact Search-visible, external to main University phone system
cud:itserv_telecom:contact_search_external_tel_e164 Telecoms   +44 1865 212345 Populated if Contact Search-visible, external to main University phone system with E.164 international format
cud:itserv_telecom:contact_search_internal_tel Telecoms   12345 Populated if Contact Search-visible, internal extension of phone
cud:itserv_telecom:gal_external_tel Telecoms   01865 212345 Populated if GAL-visible, external to main University phone system
cud:itserv_telecom:gal_external_tel_e164 Telecoms   +44 1865 212345

Populated if GAL-visible, external to main University phone system with E.164 international format

cud:itserv_telecom:gal_internal_tel Telecoms   12345 Populated if GAL-visible, internal extension of phone
cud:itserv_telecom:exclusion_code Telecoms   3, null/empty Populated with a '3' if the person should be excluded from Chorus search
cud:itserv_telecom:chorus_profile Telecoms   Team_Staff_Basic Chorus profile
cud:dars:constituent_id DARS     Foreign key (GUID) from DARS
cud:dars:constituent_lookup_id DARS     use for table joins in query
cud:fk:hris_staff_number HRIS Y 123456 Staff/personnel number
cud:uas_hris:title HRIS   Mr Title
cud:uas_hris:firstname HRIS   William First name
cud:uas_hris:middlename HRIS   Alfred Middle name(s)
cud:uas_hris:lastname HRIS   Budd Surname, family name
cud:uas_hris:known_as HRIS   BILLY  [uppercase] known-as, preferred name
cud:uas_hris:dob HRIS   19990731 date of birth, format: yyyymmdd
cud:uas_hris:originalStart HRIS   2012-09-05 start date of employment, format: yyyy-mm-dd
cud:uas_hris:gender HRIS   Male/Female/Unknown gender
cud:uas_hris:email HRIS Oxford email address
cud:uas_hris:academic_flag HRIS   N/Y Is person academic staff
cud:uas_hris:primary_post_appointment_id HRIS   229988-1 Appointment ID
cud:uas_hris:primary_post_appointment_type HRIS   P  [single letter] Appointment type
cud:uas_hris:primary_post_post_start HRIS   20130401 Start date of current position, format yyyymmdd
cud:uas_hris:primary_post_department_name HRIS   Experimental Psychology Department name received from HRIS
cud:uas_hris:primary_post_department_code HRIS   CQ 2-character department code
cud:uas_hris:primary_post_category_code HRIS   single-digit  
cud:fk:oak_primary_person_id Oak LDAP Y number Person ID assigned by Oak
cud:fk:oak_person_id Oak LDAP Y number  
cud:fk:sits_student_code SITS *   up to 7-digit number Foreign key
cud:uas_sits:alt_email SITS *     Alternative email address
cud:uas_sits:application_college_codes SITS *     Codes for colleges applied to
cud:uas_sits:application_dept_codes SITS *     Codes for departments applied to
cud:uas_sits:award_aim SITS *   Y, N Award aim completion indicator
cud:uas_sits:birth_ctry_cd SITS *     Numeric code for country of birth
cud:uas_sits:birth_ctry_name SITS *     Name of country of birth
cud:uas_sits:birth_iso_ctry_ct SITS *     Numeric code for country of birth
cud:uas_sits:birth_s_ctry_name SITS *     Name of country of birth
cud:uas_sits:card_opt_out SITS *     Name of country of birth
cud:uas_sits:cntry_of_leg_residency SITS *     Name of country of legal residence
cud:uas_sits:co_owning_dept_code SITS *      
cud:uas_sits:college_cd SITS *   See code mappings 3-character SITS code for college
cud:uas_sits:contributing_dept_code SITS *   See code mappings Department code of contributory departments to course
cud:uas_sits:course_block SITS *     Year of the course
cud:uas_sits:course_join_status SITS *     Course join status
cud:uas_sits:course_status SITS *     Course status
cud:uas_sits:crs_end_dt SITS *     Program of study actual end date, format: yyyymmdd
cud:uas_sits:crs_exp_end_dt SITS *     Student's expected end date, format: yyyymmdd
cud:uas_sits:crs_level SITS *   UGRAD, PGRAD_T, PGRAD_R Undergraduate or Postgraduate
cud:uas_sits:crs_start_dt SITS *     Student's start date, format: yyyymmdd
cud:uas_sits:deceased SITS *   Y, N (or blank) Is deceased?
cud:uas_sits:degree_class_cd SITS *   P, D, M, 1, 21, 22, 3 Code denoting degree class attained
cud:uas_sits:dept_cd SITS *     SITS code for department
cud:uas_sits:dept_name SITS *     Name of department
cud:uas_sits:div_cd SITS *     SITS code for division
cud:uas_sits:div_desc SITS *     Name of division
cud:uas_sits:dob SITS *     date of birth, format: yyyymmdd
cud:uas_sits:dom_cd SITS *     Domicile country code
cud:uas_sits:dom_hesa_cd SITS *     Domicile country HESA code
cud:uas_sits:dom_name SITS *     Domicile country name
cud:uas_sits:finalist SITS *   Y, N Is the student a "Finalist"
cud:uas_sits:frnm1 SITS *     Student's first forename
cud:uas_sits:frnm2 SITS *     Student's second forename
cud:uas_sits:frnm3 SITS *     Student's third forename(s)
cud:uas_sits:gnd SITS *   F, M, U Student's gender (initial)
cud:uas_sits:gnd_name SITS *   Female, Male Student's gender (full)
cud:uas_sits:initials SITS *     Student's initials
cud:uas_sits:known_as SITS *     Student's known-as/preferred name
cud:uas_sits:middle_names SITS *     used?
cud:uas_sits:mobile_phone_no SITS *     Mobile phone number (if supplied)
cud:uas_sits:mode_of_attendance SITS *   FT, PT Whether program of study is full-time or part-time
cud:uas_sits:oss_code [1] SITS *   6-digit number (beginning with 00) legacy value of corresponding course code that was in OSS
cud:uas_sits:ousu_opt_out_effective_from SITS *   format: yyyymmdd Date, format yyyymmdd
cud:uas_sits:ousu_opt_out_member SITS *      
cud:uas_sits:ousu_opt_out_update_date SITS *   format yyyymmdd Date, format yyyy
cud:uas_sits:ox_email SITS * Oxford email address
cud:uas_sits:ox_sso SITS *   unit1234 Oxford single-sign-on username
cud:uas_sits:ox_unicard SITS *     Card barcode (used)
cud:uas_sits:prev_name SITS *     Previous name (if applicable)
cud:uas_sits:prev_surnm SITS *     Previous surname (if applicable)
cud:uas_sits:prev_surnm_eff_dt SITS *     Date of change of previous name
cud:uas_sits:primary_email SITS *      
cud:uas_sits:primary_phone_no SITS *      
cud:uas_sits:pronoun_cd SITS *     Encoded pronouns
cud:uas_sits:pronoun_de SITS *     User-defined pronouns, only conditionally populated
cud:derived:uas_sits:pronouns SITS *   e.g. "He / Him", "She / Her", "They / Them" Decoded pronouns
cud:uas_sits:residency_status SITS *      
cud:uas_sits:rout_cd SITS *     course/programme code
cud:uas_sits:rout_name SITS *     course/programme name
cud:uas_sits:scj_status_cd SITS *   e.g. E_EE, E_EF student status, see status_codes
cud:uas_sits:scj_status_name SITS *   e.g. Enrolled student status, description
cud:uas_sits:suffix SITS *     e.g. II, Jr.
cud:uas_sits:surnm SITS *     Student's surname/family name
cud:uas_sits:titl_cd SITS *   Mr, Ms, Mrs, Dr Student's personal title
cud:uas_sits:unit_set_cd SITS *   1,2,3,4 Year of course
cud:uas_sits:addresses [2] SITS *     arrayed data of addresses supplied (home, term-time, correspondence)
cud:uas_sits:applicant [2] SITS *   see SITS attributes combined application data
cud:uas_sits:contact_details [2] SITS *   see SITS attributes combined contact data
cud:uas_sits:external_ids [2] SITS *   see SITS attributes arrayed data of addresses supplied (home, term-time, correspondence)
cud:uas_sits:nationalities [2] SITS *   see SITS attributes Arrayed data of student's nationalities
cud:uas_sits:qualifications [2] SITS *   see SITS attributes arrayed data of previous qualifications
cud:uas_sits:student [2] SITS *   see SITS attributes arrayed full student details.
cud:fk:opendoor_staff_number HR Y    
cud:uas_opendoor:title HR Y(consolidated)   Title
cud:uas_opendoor:initia HR Y(consolidated)   Initials
cud:uas_opendoor:middle_name HR Y(consolidated)   Middle names
cud:uas_opendoor:surname HR Y(consolidated)   Surname, family name
cud:uas_opendoor:forename HR Y(consolidated)   First name
cud:uas_opendoor:preferred_name HR Y(consolidated)   Known-as/preferred name
cud:uas_opendoor:person_birth_date HR     Date of birth, format: yyyymmdd
cud:derived:uas_opendoor:fullname HR     forenames and surname
cud:uas_opendoor:dept_acronym HR     code for department
cud:uas_opendoor:dept_name HR     name of department
cud:fk:oss_student_number OSS Y 123456 OSS Person Number Up to 6 digits, numeric.


* SITS attributes available from 5 January 2015. OSS attributes were removed from CUD on 26th November 2019.

[1] cud:uas_sits:oss_code refers to the OSS-style Course Code, now mastered in SITS for legacy reasons.

[2] Richer, structured, nested data.

[3] For values, see CUD Data Reference

University Card Type

Available values

Value Description
AV Academic Visitor
CB Card Holder
CL Card Holder
CS College Staff
DS Departmental Staff
FR Retiree
FS Retiree
GT GRADUATE on taught course
MC Congregation
PT Registered PT Student
US University Staff
VA Virtual Access Academic
VR VRO Student
VX Virtual Access Non-Academic

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