Fix common printing errors on managed staff PCs

Printer "offline" error


In the drop-down list, the message "Printer offline" appears below your printer.

Solution 1

Most University printers will wake-up automatically when you send a print job, but sometimes the solution is as simple as:

  1. Make sure the printer is plugged-in and turned on

Solution 2

If you are using a laptop connected using WiFi and printing to an office printer:

  1. Connect to the VPN
  2. Print

Print job sent OK but never appears on printer


For laptops this is often a variation of the "Printer offline" error that can be resolved using the solutions shown above.

Printer not shown in printer list


When you select "Print" in an application, the printer you want to use is not shown in the list of available printers.

Solution 1

For University printers, especially on a new PC:

  1. Add the printer to your PC

Solution 2

For a personal / home printer with USB connection to a managed staff PC:

  1. Turn your printer and PC on, and wait for them to start up
  2. Connect the USB lead from your printer to your PC
  3. Follow the on-screen prompts to set up your printer
  4. If you do not get any on-screen prompts then contact your printer supplier, as there is likely to be a fault with the printer USB port or lead
  5. If you cannot complete the setup then contact us for assistance, specifying:
    - the asset number of your PC
    - the printer manufacturer and model
    - a description of the error or where setup gets stuck

Colour documents print monochrome


You have a colour document on-screen and are using a printer that is capable of producing colour output.


  1. Select Start  , type print, select Printers & Scanners
  2. Select the printer you are using and choose Manage > Printing Preferences
  3. On the Setup tab, set the Colour / Black and White selector to Color and choose OK
  4. If there is no Colour / Black and White selector then the printer you have chosen may not be capable of colour printing

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